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31B's Green And Silver Voyage.

Posted by Mick Farrell 
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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
14 July, 2011 00:13
[b]Small Harbour on way into Mullingar[/b]

[b]Moran's Bridge...13' 10" again but no angles...!![/b]

[b]Lock Owell Feeder[/b]

[b]Tied up in Mullingar Harbour[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
14 July, 2011 00:19
[b]Peat Barron and Porn Magnate....Tim Meehan[/b]

[b]Queueing for the pumpout...??[/b]

[b]Game On[/b]

[b]Mullingar Harbour[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
14 July, 2011 02:05
Congrats Mick on getting through thumbs up

[COLOR=gray][i]OceanFroggie[/i][/COLOR] [size=x-small][color=#FFDEAD][i]Noel Griffin[/i][/color][/size]
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
14 July, 2011 06:27
Well done Mick... pity we couldn't get some pictures of you legging through! winking smiley Would have been a good sight to behold... I've placed a general Nead's Bridge post today... photo's of the area around 31B's mooring...

Vossie aka AJ aka wet raincoat aka ... cool smiley

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
14 July, 2011 21:31
Fair play mick

As they say on the canal from hear on great water a head of you !!.

The rambler few after Mullingar there is better water but slow down on the u-turns

Evan C
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
14 July, 2011 22:16
Thanks Evan. Hope Rambler's becoming acclimitised to the Shannon after all those years in GCD...!!

Left Mullingar at 14.00 and got to Coolnahay at 18.00. For 6 and a bit miles, a definate improvement. The going was pretty good except for the last half mile or so into Coolnahay. Still some problem bridges though. The railway bridge just outside the harbour has a concrete shelf on the right hand side,sticking out about 18", about 30" below the water. Green Bridge has a sandbar on the right heading in. Belmont Bridge is pretty well silted and the old bridge at Ballinea is very, very silted. Even so, these are also improvments, as I was able to plough through and did'nt have to reverse out of any of them. No prop issues other than weed which I was cutting in great quantity.
I did forget to mention yesterday that I only managed to find a fertilizer bag and half in Plastic Bag Alley. Perhaps some of the bigger boats already gone through have cleared a lot of them out...!!
Too busy talking with friends today to take any pics so a couple more from yestreday..!!


[b]The Pig's Nostril...well overgrown[/b]

[b]Deep Sinking...There Be Rocks...!![/b]

[b]Locked In...!![/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
15 July, 2011 18:08

Was just having a look at WI's site and found this....

[i]Navigation Criteria

The Royal Canal, like the Grand Canal, links Dublin with the River Shannon. The canal is in the process of being restored and developed for a range of recreational activities - in particular boating, walking and fishing - and is now navigable between Dublin and Ballybrannigan Harbour in Co Longford.[/i]

Now I know I have some issues with WI as to the defination of "navigable" but have they closed the Royal
down again or is this just an oversight...?

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 July, 2011 01:53
Made it to Terryglass at 01.00 today by non boaty means. A bit disapointed that the rally was all gone to bed...but what can you do. I'm sitting here writing this in 4E's wheelhouse where I'm sleeping tonight....and I just can't help remembering Chris Boyle. I've only been boating for a "wet day" but one of my memories of previous Derg's was of Chris being present in Joe's wheelhouse. I did'nt know him very well but he seemed like a nice bloke. I cant help hoping that in 50 years time (well hopefully more...LOL)
that someone will remember me sitting in someones wheelhouse....!!


[b]Chris, Joe and John...!![/b]

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 July, 2011 08:31
Congrats Mick on your Green and Silver Odyssey!

Your articulate musings + pics. have been absolute gold-dust to us landlubbers; its good to hear from a born sentimentalist. I've great memories also of Chris Boyle RIP on previous Derg Rallies; a real old-style gent and the best PRO the Derg had.

If you're still around the Rally, give my regards to Skipper Joe, C and G Becker, Fergal Kerney, PJN, the Jordans, Les, Comrade Goggin and Ms. Haughton, Gerry and Gerry etc. etc, if any or all of above are rallying.

Hope to have a pint with you ere long....

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 July, 2011 08:54
Ooops, sorry to go on...calling Rory Winston.

I meant to say ask is the Commodore a sprog or nephew of Declan. Was in taxing car last week (it's back on road after my 2.5 years in Melbourne) and who says hello but the bould Declan, of Camden St. drapery fame.

Year agus years ago, wife Rose and I were cruising down Derg and spied two bods fishing near Illaunmore. When we exchanged greetings, it was Declan (whom I knew through Joe Fanagan) and I was flabbergasted to be told he owned Illaunmore then. Do the family still?

Hope you've had a good week sir.

Jim Murray
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
22 July, 2011 17:06
I'm sitting here writing this at home. I have'nt seen me little darlin' for 8 days now and life has intervened to keep me away even longer. Do you know what.....I miss the diesely smell....the roar of the engine as I plough me way through yet another Beechers Brook bridge....the sense of achievment as I shake me fist, "'Yis did'nt stop me yet"....waiting on the tide at Nead's.....harvesting the latest crop of plastic from my prop....funny how whats a big nuisance at the time becomes a fond memory later.

There's been some good stuff too....meeting new and old friends....drinking coffee in the silent middle of nowhere....seeing how mirror still the canal gets as the sun sets....drinking a "back window"pint on the canalside terrace in Hill of Down.... waffling about it all on here....LOL

I've seen some magical moments and have also found some [i]Green and Silver Treasure[/i].

Perhaps Sean Fitz's passing is a timely reminder.....enjoy it while 'yis can, even the bad stuff, 'cos it ain't going to last forever...!!


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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
22 July, 2011 17:18
Mick, thank you for the magic in your words and your contributions with great pics!

When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills.
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
22 July, 2011 17:27
Withdrawl symptoms Tina.....besides, I'd slipped down onto page 2...can't be having that now....LOL

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
22 July, 2011 17:55
Hey Mick,

Been missing your 31B posts! Was going to ask earlier when you'll be moving again... I enjoy that photo... cos it's special and we were there with you!

Looking forward to hearing 31B is on the move again! Tide of life won't stop you! Or that darling of yours!

Stay well friend... sorry, include K&H as well please!

cool smiley
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
23 July, 2011 00:40
So there I was, just a few short hours ago, lamenting the fact that I had'nt gotten a sniff of diesel in over a week.....and what happens, N Galway phones and invites me out to Malahide Marina to crawl around in someone elses bilges...!! I'm fairly reeking of the stuff now I can tell ya'....LOL


[b]WSP 69....The EU/IMF vessel for keeping dodgy banking instutions afloat[/b]

[b]GardaĆ­ now a sub-division of the Bundespolizei (BPOL) GmBH...?[/b]

[b]Sky Spagetti[/b]

[b]Salty Sunset[/b]

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
29 July, 2011 23:20
A little plug for Bus Eireann......Meself, Katie and Holly got the 17.30 bus to Mullingar this evening, intending to take a taxi on to Coolnahay. Turns out the bus driver, Frank Galvan, lives just a mile from the harbour so gave the 3 of us a lift out. Many thanks Frank.....I'm currently "sipping" the taxi fare......!!!

Water on summit level is now 29 inches below the top of the breast gates at L 26. Got in without too much effort but was rubbing on something soft...(limescale/ weed..?). Levels below were all well up, with water flowing over gates at L27 and L28. Some weed between L26 and L27 but not excessive and there's a weedcutter in the Harbour, just above the lock. Tied up below L28 for the night at 22.10 with the boat actually in against the jetty for a change. Going...much improved...!!

Signal is too poor for pics tonight...!!
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
30 July, 2011 10:14
[b]Getting the measure of...!![/b]

[b]Starting downhill...[/b]


[b]There's depth at this jetty..!![/b]

Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
30 July, 2011 13:49
Hi Mick,

Glad to see that you are still moving. Keeping an eye on you from
afar..."Arthur" currently in Fenit.

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
30 July, 2011 20:11
Good man Paul....better keep your head down though.....Froggie may be in the vicinity....LOL

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
30 July, 2011 23:02
In Abbeyshrule tonight. The last time I was here, 2005 I think, there was a culvert across the canal right in front of where 31 is tied up, so I've never been further west on the Royal, on a boat, than this. Canal today was pretty much excellent, so much so, that I've decided that I'm travelling on a different canal to before. I reckon this is the actual Royal Canal, the bit from Mullingar to Richmond Hbr. I've decided to call the bit from Mullingar back to Dublin the "Ahhh, sure it'll be GRAND, canal".
Mick Taylor and Liam O' Shaugnessy brought me down through the locks which all worked pretty well, though some do have limescale buildup, in the chambers, below the top gates. Did'nt give me any problems, but M-Boats are a bit wider...!! A few weedy spots, but hull friction rather than prop fouling. All levels were well up with water pouring over the gates. Watch out for lock 32 if heading West. There's a right hand bend immediatly before it. There's a nice soft muddy spot in the left hand bank thats a bit flatter tonight. Caught one of me tyres on a lockgate and broke the front handrail. I have'nt got used to floating rather than ploughing yet....!!


[b]The culverted road crossing WAS just in front of 31B[/b]

[b]Need's a rub of a digger...!![/b]

[b]Always an audience when you break something...!![/b]

[b]Liam O' Shaughnessy (L) and Mick Taylor[/b]

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