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31B's Green And Silver Voyage.

Posted by Mick Farrell 
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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
07 August, 2011 23:36
So after we got run out of Drumsna we headed for Carnadoe Quay. Nice sunny day with lots of boats moving about on the main navigation and there must have been at least 3 dozen passed in and out under Carnadoe Bridge after we'd all tied up. Lovely quiet spot...only problem...I forgot to stock up on beer before I left Drumsna, so only tea to drink tonight...!!


[b]Lough Tap Railway Br.[/b]

[b]A scatter of boats on Boderg[/b]

[b]Carnadoe Quay[/b]

[b]Carnadoe Bridge[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
08 August, 2011 00:11
[b]........We'll get you next time.
Les 41m

Sorely missed indeed Kieran, but you might need to keep your head down for a while. The 2 boyo's are still "in country" and you could read that several ways....LOL

Yes John,

Thats my tea cup standing, chart holding table, door holder open, hip leaner againster and bongo bateing bilge water barrel....!!

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
10 August, 2011 00:05
Left Carnadoe Monday morning with thoughts of heading for Athlone but decided that Lanesboro would probably be far enough as soon as I got out on Lough Boderg. Passed the Inis Cealtra and support vessels heading up towards Carnadoe just as I left the cut. Katie got a bus home from Tarmonbarry as she was meeting friends in Dublin on Tuesday, so spent the evening in Lanesboro, alongside 4B, who very kindly invited merself and Holly in for dinner. Thanks guys...!!

[b]Company leaving Carnadoe[/b]

[b]Inis Cealtra heads up the cut....[/b]

[b]....followed by support vessels.[/b]

[b]Alongside 4B in Lanesboro[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
10 August, 2011 00:29
Left Lanesboro with 4B shortly after 9 am and headed down Ree to Athlone and was tied up outside Sean's Bar at 13.30. Had to slow down a bit as me "canal friendly" raw water extraction system did'nt like the popple on Ree and was'nt drawing enough water at speed. 4B went west of the islands at the top and got down to Athlone and down through the lock about an hour ahead of me as they were heading further down river. They did manage to keep the bit of quay wall clear for me though...thanks again guys. One of Crean's boats from Vicarstown tied up on the far wall later and was chatting with Dave Mc Cabe as he waited for the lock. He may have "stormed out" on us....seems he's still boating though...LOL

[b]4B heads west..![/b]

[b]Outside Sean's Bar[/b]

[b]A long way from Vicarstown[/b]

[b]Big Dave....and no sign of the coat....LOL[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
19 August, 2011 21:36
Sooooo....thought I'd gone away, ehhhhh...? Shoved me down onto page 3, ehhhhh...? Well, I'm back....LOL

Hurt me ankle last Wed. week so spent a week longer outside Sean's Bar than planned. I did of course, e-mail the Inspectorate in Athlone to advise of my prediciment and was granted an extension to the 5 day rule...(well, I think all the cranes were busy elsewhere anyway...LOL). Many thanks to Charles Lawn and the Inspectorate for their understanding...!

Have a few jobs to do here tomorrow, then heading for Shannon Hbr either tomorrow evening or Sunday morning. Hope to make Tullamore for the HBA Heritage Week Display during the week.


PS.....Now I'm heading into Sean's for a few pints...!!

[b]Athlone Town Bridge this evening[/b]

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
23 August, 2011 00:55
As usual, things did'nt go quite as planned.....but who cares anyway. Noticed "Arthur" arriving at the town jetties on Saturday afternoon and decided to head back up Ree to avoid. Paul has threatened to catch me on camera...LOL. Spent a very pleasent evening on the jetties at Coosan Pt., alongside Ebenhaezer. I did visit the pub there, but despite only having 2 pints and a very nice burger, can't remember the name..!! John Doyle, who completed The Green & Silver Trip at the end of June, arrived later that evening. Was talking briefly with Ger Mc Geeney, who I'd met at the festival thingy in Kilcock (back near the start of this thread) as he moved off on Sunday morning. Ran into Sean O'Reilly and crew, so we all ended up heading on into Coosan Lough for a lunchtime barbie, moored among the reeds. Such a good weekend, weather and craic wise, that I decided to wait until Monday to start heading south for the winter, so spent Sunday evening in Hodson Bay. Left around 13.30, cleared Athlone lock at 15.15, stopped for 30 minutes in Shannonbridge to do some shopping and arrived at Lock 36 about 20.40. By the time I'd got through Lock 35 it was just getting dark, so throwing caution to the wind, I tied alongside 40M. No sign of PJ about, so I should be safe from "sticky bun attack" and 'Oul Gits hits....!!!


[b]"Arthur" arrives....time to find the back door...LOL[/b]

[b]Heading back up to Ree[/b]

[b]Busy Barge Baby[/b]

[b]Sean leaves the reed raft[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
23 August, 2011 01:03
[b]Leaving Athlone Lock[/b]

[b]Bird Perch[/b]


[b]Familiar Territory[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
23 August, 2011 07:31

Might see you in Tullamore during the week, you are certainly getting around - must be the deep water! ! Good pics , noticed 74M in one, any sign of life? Welcome back to canal country,

Joe. [from the roots !]
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
23 August, 2011 23:36
Hope to be in Tullamore later today. Overnighting alongside 34B on The Thatch quay in Rahan. Lots of lifesigns on 74. She passed me earlier that afternoon off LRYC. The absence of black smokes suggests that someone other than Markie was at the wheel....!!


[b]Heading downriver on Monday[/b]

[b]Heading upriver the previous Sunday[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
25 August, 2011 00:29
Roight....Arrived alongside "the hogger Norris's" boat at about 22.00 and fair play to Richard Swaine for coming out and taking me ropes. Did a runner at 08.30 next morning ( just in case PJ showed up) and headed East for Tullamore (very optimistic). Given my late arrival and early departure, never got to see Jason Pender. Hope he and his are keeping well. Above Lock 34, the levels were all down a couple of inches and, it being late August, the weed was at it's finest. Just missed David Miller (see post 02/07/11), who lives at Belmont lock, by 50 yards. 14 hours for the 17 miles to The Thatch in Rahan, and, as I spent about 2 hours chatting and brewing up, is about 1.5 MPH which is in and around usual. Both Alan Wynne (L 33-32) and Alan Lindley (L31-30) went above and beyond what they're paid for....many thanks guys and Paul Buckley had arranged for a weedcutter and pick up boat to travel ahead of me out towards the Macartney Aqueduct. Met Sam and Eoin from Liverpool somewhere West of Pollagh while I was blocking the canal, bank to bank, as I brewed up (great what a breeze can do). They stopped to check that I was ok and I learned that they'd set out from Liverpool in their little sailing dingy, sailed South around Ireland, up through Limerick and were heading up the Grand, to Dublin, to sail back across to Liverpool to complete their Green & Salty voyage. In that boat, I really take me hat off...well done lads...!! Overnighted alongside 34B at the Thatch Quay in Rahan and headed on again today at about 11.00. John Clancy was waiting at L 29 and I sped up to Lock 28 as Sam and Eoin had left a bit of a rack up at 27 ( I was only joking lads...!!) Was tied up behind 107B outside the Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre in Tullamore at about 14.30 hrs. It was kind of sureal handing me ropes to Joe T, as 31B was built for DE Williams, and passing the Heritage Centre in Tullamore, is always a bit of a "roots" issue for me....!!


[b]Gone Now....Like The Mist...!![/b]

[b]Without the Transport Shed...42M and Dan Gleesons (RIP) former boat..JD and The Bat on right[/b]

[b]Argo from Sneek[/b]

[b]Heading for Griffith Bridge[/b]

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
25 August, 2011 00:44
[b]Griffith Bridge, looking West[/b]

[b]Chained off Liveaboard moorings...but where's the Sallins or the Hatch...??[/b]

[b]Arriving at Belmont[/b]

[b]Alan Wynne at Lock 33[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
25 August, 2011 00:58
[b]4B at Derry Bridge[/b]

[b]Sam and Eoin....Green & Salty Treasure...!![/b]

[b]Passing through Pollagh[/b]

[b]More Green & Silver Treasure...!![/b]

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
25 August, 2011 01:24
[b]57M below Lock 31/b]

attachment 1881 57M2.jpg]

[b]34B at The Thatch's quay[/b]

[b]Leaving Rahan[/b]

[b]Old tech. meets new...!![/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
25 August, 2011 05:01
Great scenes Mick. The oddesy continues.

[COLOR=gray][i]OceanFroggie[/i][/COLOR] [size=x-small][color=#FFDEAD][i]Noel Griffin[/i][/color][/size]
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 August, 2011 23:56
31B spent the last few days, along with 107B, outside the Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre where the week long Heritage Week display by the HBA was being held. 107B had joined forces with Tullamore Community Arts Centre, who are currently trying to raise funds to build a new centre alongside the canal. A group of local artists were invited along on Friday evening to use 107's hold as an art studio for a few hours. On Saturday and Sunday , local artist Siobhan Mc Cormack, held art workshops aboard, for young kids in the area. The materials for the kids workshops were funded by Offaly Branch, IWAI. The Apollo Quartet and Offaly Comhaltas musicians provided some musical entertainment for a few hours alongside 107 on Saturday afternoon. Not your typical weekends boating, but great to see so many different groups come together to forward their own cause's and in the process, help forward each others cause's....!!


[b]Comhaltas Musicians....playing in "quay"...!![/b]

[b]Budding Artists Workshop[/b]

[b]Art in a Bottle[/b]

[b]Just some or the new range of flavours from Tullamore Dew...!![/b]

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
29 August, 2011 00:07
[b]Aggghhhh....I said "help painting me boat"...not me coat....!!! [/b]

[b]31B's Amazing Technicolour Dust Coat[/b]

[b]Siobhan Mc Cormack rests after a busy 2 days[/b]

[b]107B turns into the Harbour Branch Line[/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
29 August, 2011 00:18
[b]"Alongside" the quay in the Harbour Branch....[/b]

[b].....might need me gang plank though...!!![/b]

[b]Looking out to the main line[/b]

[b]Another Heritage Door...!![/b]

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
06 September, 2011 15:22
Ok...moved from Tullamore Branch Line to Daingean on Saturday and on to Edenderry on Sunday where I'm now snuggled up alongside 95B. Due to the pumps in Shannon Hbr having failed and water being racked west to compensate, the level in Tullamore was well down (6 to 8") and it took about 15 minutes to get away from "alongside"(well 50" away from) the quay wall. Slow going up to lock 26, reasonable along the short levels to lock 21, and the summit level was down about 4". There are signs of a lot of muck and reed having been dug out of the canal the whole way from Ballycommon to within a mile or so of the Downshire Br. Unfortunatly, with the level being down, the journey was slightly slower than this time last year and we missed the last bus out of Edenderry on Sunday evening, but on a positive note, had the digging not been done, I probably would'nt have got past Ballycommon Bridge. It's that time of year again, and I was leaving islands of reed and weed floating in the canal behind me as the passing of 31B pulls it out from the banks in big clumps. I assume the roots are dying off..!! More pics later when I have them loaded.

[b]Locked Out of Tullamore Hbr[/b]

[b]The Branch Line Friday evening[/b]

[b]Saoirse ar an Uisce follows me out of the Harbour Branch[/b]

[b]112 B, Terrapin at Lock 26 [/b]

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
06 September, 2011 19:10
[b]Me new driving jacket..!![/b]

[b]Jimmy Fisher and future lock keeper...?[/b]

[b]Ballycommon's other claim to fame[/b]

[b]Campbells Bridge at the start of the Kilbeggan Branch[/b]

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
06 September, 2011 19:28
[b]Bord Na Mona Bridge, west of Daingean[/b]

[b]"@#$%&" Stirring...!![/b]

[b]One of the weed islands I left in my wake[/b]

[b]Looking west from Daingean Quay[/b]

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