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A warning re. Lifejackets

Posted by Alt 
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A warning re. Lifejackets
28 June, 2011 22:04
I guess it's that time of year again to make people aware to carry out their annual (bi-annual) check on their lifejackets.....

Last week I offered to bring a friend out on the lake. I advised him that if he had a lifejacket to bring it (I had ones spare, but may aswell use your own). "I have one, i'll bring it" was his response.

Just before we were about to slip the lines, I asked him if I could check his lifejacket to make sure all was in order. I was a little more than shocked with what I was greeted with....

On the outside, all looked well.
Firstly, the co2 cylinder was loose
Secondly, the co2 cylinder had previously been used (yes, when I removed it there was a hole in the co2 cylinder from previously being fired)
Thirdly, the retaining clip for the manual-puller was missing (not a big deal I guess, but it'd be nice to be there)

After spending a few minutes advising him on the death-trap he was wearing, I tried to lighten the situation a little by saying "At least if you fell in you could have threaded the water since you're wearing light clothes, provided you didn't get knocked out"

His response: "Oh, sure I can't swim" - I had to sit down I was in such shock.

He promised me he'd buy a new life-jacket altogether before he went out on a boat again, as he wasn't sure how old it was.


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