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4E 'Going back to her roots'.

Posted by joe treacy 
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Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
25 May, 2012 06:15
Bon Voyage Joe. Really enjoyed that post. 4E looking great with the new wheel house. Safe passage.

[COLOR=gray][i]OceanFroggie[/i][/COLOR] [size=x-small][color=#FFDEAD][i]Noel Griffin[/i][/color][/size]
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
25 May, 2012 14:57
Thanks all for the good wishes, weather is good for trip out tomorrow but big problem out of action and being repaired !!! Phones will have to fill in. Photos of the "star" are already appearing so I have lifted this one from Vossies site and reccomend you all to look- in an odd time ,

Have a great weekend,


Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
28 May, 2012 07:32

A little short on the photo side this week as mentioned, the camera is out of action, a few from the phone to fill in and this one from Friday evening on the way up. The crowd at the lock at Charlemont were 4E's biggest audience to date and with a few rounds of applause during the operation were all good natured on a lovely sunny evening. The Dublin tradition of making a collection for the driver would definitely be worth introducing here.
Portobello was the overnight and an early start the following morning for us and the four boats got us along the system quite smartly. The two Micks , Andrew, Alan,John and WI crew were all toiling away for us and others joined at different points. Our sincere thanks to you all.
I had 4E in Dublin in1983 and this trip is her fourth in eleven years to the Dublin IWAI Rally. The system is rapidly improving and "downtown boating" comes highly reccomended from us.
We stuck at our task and finished up in Hazelhatch which allowed us a lie-in on Sunday before dropping back to the basin to enjoy the festival. Our thanks to Dublin Branch for a great rally, WI for the facilitiy and help in and out and of course all the photographers and lock key winders who assisted with a smile.
A few early morning bridge pics to finish,


Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
31 May, 2012 22:58
Large gap as can be seen ( new camera !) but out at the Hatch to do some welding on a little war wound from Saturday and am grateful for the electricity to accomplish it. This oldie from 1986 in the depths of Winter show Snark with Schollevar behind and 45m with 4E outside.

This from today with 4E placed to take aboard an o/b engine to go with the wee boat 68M is bringing from town to be transhipped at the Hatch.

And finally threading her way through the boats meeting and chatting to old friends to a berth at the western end of things. There is something special about telling them about Dublin and the rally.


Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
31 May, 2012 23:05
Yes I am leaving gaps! This is 68M on her way out of town with mixed cargo for 4E at Hazelhatch.

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Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
31 May, 2012 23:15
[quote joe treacy]Large gap as can be seen ( new camera !) but out at the Hatch to do some welding on a little war wound from Saturday and am grateful for the electricity to accomplish it. This oldie from 1986 in the depths of Winter show Snark with Schollevar behind and 45m with 4E outside.

[attachment 3456 img042.jpg]

Hi Joe,
The boat/blob along the right hand bank past 4E would be Blackthorn and if I recall correctly, the smoke is coming from the chimney of Williams and Woods just beyond 45M

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
31 May, 2012 23:34
You could be right Ciaran, I first encountered Williams and Woods in Edenderry but by 1986 poor Pat Benson had passed on and yes she moved to the Hatch. Used as accomodation whilst Pomeroy/Misneach was converted at Robertstown.

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
01 June, 2012 09:11

This is an aerial view of the 13th lock in the Spring of 1982. 4E is nearer with light grey topsides at the point she was brought to in January of the previous year, 17B "The Owl" on the other bank. Hans and Catherine were living on the Owl and were excellent neighbours. The red VW belonged to them and there were about a dozen boats based there.
The house was the millers house with the remains in the background of Shackeltons Mill which relocated to the 12th lock Lucan after an explosion in the late 1800's. The lovely Miss Rollinson was living in the house at the time and loved to stand at her gate and chat to passers by. The little lane-way up to the point where 4E was moored was named "Tancred's Lane" at the end of which Jimmy Tancred the postman lived with his mother. The other residents here were "Longboat Tyrell" and his family in the lockhouse.

An early pic of conversion with the Mk. 1 wheelhouse framed up. The derilict behind was around for a few years but with boat numbers building up the abandoned boat problem never blighted this lovely spot.
A few of the boats that spent time here were - Chang Sha, Hein Goodwind, Maisric, Mary Kate, Knocklyon Belle and many more.

The 13th being a double was very handy for the occasional dry-docking, and this is 4E in the chamber to allow the fitting of shaft and prop. Her first propellor in my care was cast in Athy foundry.

4E with Chang Sha behind and the Owl on the southern bank. The cab of 33M can be seen. CIE were carrying out a big dredging campaign in the Dublin area and all their drag-line boats were in the area.
These are the ultimate before and after boat pictures so when 4E spends a night at the 13th for old times sake, I will put up some pictures of the scene thirty one years later,

PS have a good safe weekend on the water wherever you are.
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
05 June, 2012 20:05
Looks like a busy weekend on canals all over and have to admit mine was one of my best. Left Hazelhatch on Friday evening for the 13th lock. This picture of Lyons House as I passed is a different scene from thirty years ago when it was used for animal research and the land had lots of sheep and cattle. Aeroplane millionaires changed the whole area.

Into the double chambered 13th lock to become the interval act of a wedding. It still amazes me the amount of Dubliners who have never seen a lock operate or understand its purpose.

Once out of the lock 4E was moored where she was converted in 1981 and from where she left in 1987 to spend some years in Killaloe. The complete lack of boats and the harsh stone walls on the estate side put me off spending the night - a spot on the canal which has dis-improved.


Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
05 June, 2012 22:26
Joined by 68M and 4B the three ladies travelled together for a few miles and locks. This shot from under Devonshire Bridge looking west with 68 in the 14th lock chamber (Mc Creaveys lock).

The pair of us out of the 15th lock.

My destination was Sallins and the harbour opposite Odlums Mill is always available to us.

The "Boatmens Re-union" was set for Sunday and a few yarns and tit bits of history will always be offered by these guys so for anyone tracing canal history it is the circle to get in to.
This one from my collection was taken in Killaloe in 1994 when a group came arround to be photographed on "Joe Kanes Boat".

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
06 June, 2012 20:47
The photo above has the late Paddy Kane ( second from left ) who was the nephew of Joe Kane who owned 4E until 1955. Below at the Boatmens Reunion is Pat Kane, Paddy's son and a grand-nephew of Joe Kane.

The function itself was a great affair and the tales of bargees got taller and taller. Highlight for many was the showing of a film of the first re-union held in Robertstown in 1986.
The following morning a few passengers joined us and shortly after leaving Sallins we crossed the Leinster Aquaduct over the River Liffey.

A fleet of WI work boats as we approach Digby Bridge and Lock 16.

Under the bridge and into the chamber, the stone giving the date of 1794, amazing structures and still in use.

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
07 June, 2012 14:20

The Landenstown stretch above Lock 17 is where we come accross the sad looking 31M. In 1925 she was the first in the modern "M" series and obviously was a big step for the company to improve and upgrade its fleet. 4E was one of the horse boats which had an engine fitted and served the company as 23M from 1913 until 1935 when sold to Joe Kane who operated her as 111B. Hopefully the rather special 31M will have a future.

The small lift of Lock 18 will get us onto the Grand Canal summit level and with the help of a couple of generations of canal families and the glorious weather, this entry into "Joe Kane" country is a glorious event.

We played the good Samaritan from Cock Bridge to Robertstown - what boating should be about and 4E has been the beneficiary many times.

This is the point on the map where the the now abandoned Blackwood Feeder stretched westwards. 4E lay at this spot unused from 1950 until 1955 when a pencilled entry on a list of boats on the system states "purchased by CIE for £200 in October 1955".
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
07 June, 2012 14:51

Above and below, passing under Healys Bridge with the line of the Blackwood Feeder stretching away in the distance.

This spot always meant a lot to me as it is where 4E lay at the end of her trading days . A tidy up and over to the Royal Canal in Longford to spend some years doing maintenance duties lay ahead. The Royal closure left her abandoned and passing into the hands of Robertstown Muintir Na Tire. In October 1980 my dream began.

The dream below has given a huge amount of pleasure and this trip has filled in the personal gaps in her story. Gracious thanks to all who were part of it and my pride is being for a time the custodian of such a lady,
thank you all,

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
07 June, 2012 16:35
Excellent Joe. Thanks for posting. Personally very nostalgic for you I am sure.

[COLOR=gray][i]OceanFroggie[/i][/COLOR] [size=x-small][color=#FFDEAD][i]Noel Griffin[/i][/color][/size]
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
08 June, 2012 11:26
Thanks Noel,

looking back on it makes me think it was a guided tour of canals but my main objective was historical background. Leaving a barge in the Ballyncargy/Abbeyshrule area for six or seven weeks and returning to it at weekends really paid off for me. The people I met along the way were very helpful and of course great praise to WI staff for making the trip possible. Dublin Branch IWAI are the unsung heroes in my opinion, through their help and encouragement, use of the city section of the canals is improving yearly.
I will complete a green and silver in Shannon Harbour so it has been an amazing twelve months.
A few highlight pics below and I must thank the "real" cameramen who gave me some wonderful shots,


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Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
08 June, 2012 20:26
When falling in waist-high into Royal on the worst day of 2011 and you just said ''sure it happens'' i think that was your best advice to any one who has done the trip the 4E and you have done.

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Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
09 June, 2012 13:48
Yes Evan, the Rambler camera boat was touchy to say the least that day in Abbeyshrule you got wet whether you fell in or not. Canals have got to the point that you could walk across them ( some of us!)

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
09 June, 2012 14:40
Well done,Joe, and an interesting oul yarn it was too....!!


PS.....just as well you were'nt passing under Mc Mahon yesterday....there was'nt 9'2"....!!!
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
12 June, 2012 10:35

Hi all,

I just couldn't resist this postscript with the "Europeans" on at the moment, this is a "Joxer goes to Stuttgart" type story.

The photo above was posted by me in September last on this thread and shows an abandoned kitten that was rescued in Abbeyshrule and adopted by a boating family from Dublin's Northside. "Abbi" was the centre of attention, even appearing on Vossies blog and got the "big failte romhat fraulien" treatment by everyone.

Just like Joxer's fraulien who knocked on a door in Inchicore months later, Abbi has produced a bigger story.


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