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4E 'Going back to her roots'.

Posted by joe treacy 
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Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
24 October, 2011 13:43
This is the view along the opposite deck to above [ tight, tight, tight!]

And proof we did come out!

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
24 October, 2011 15:56
Fair play Joe......I'm impressed. I did'nt have to shift any ballast crossing as Liam Croash, Willie Rigney and the boys had the levels well up to get me through Neads. Looking at our respective Owell feeder pics I reckon I had 4 or 5 inches more water. Completely agree re. Mullingar Hbr. It undoubtly has great potential to be a "destination" once the Ennell supply comes on stream...!!


Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
24 October, 2011 17:00
Hi Joe,

As promised... the lads are clearing the way for you! The Long Level is rather well watered at this stage... well, so is most of the rest of the country...

stay well,
Vossie aka AJ winking smiley
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
25 October, 2011 07:14
Well we had 7" of something last night in the kitchen, don't think it was canal, more likely "Tolka" sort of concentrates the mind! Yes Vossie WI people always in the background and beavering away, looks like plenty of water under that craft so things are looking up.
After Moran's Bridge it was under Saunder's Bridge and out to the "slow " patch.

The "Pig's Nostril" appears on this stretch and it was certainly running for 4E.

Halfway along the sinking "Boardstown" Bridge appears high overhead and we in fact had a conversation with Donna from Coolnahay while doing some filter cleaning under it. A shouted conversation in reality!

Once the other side of Baltrasna Bridge, it is out into level ground again and in the pic the "armless digger" can be spotted through a wheelhouse window.

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
27 October, 2011 07:46
Just noticed that my last post was three days ago and it seems like a lifetime. Suffered from the flooding on Monday night but certainly not nearly as much as some. One loss was a laptop and it's contents so there is a gap for your imagination in this thread [ pics lost!] but in "build a bridge and get over" and "back on the horse" stuff, 4E has roots to get to.

Missing pics are from the Downs to Mary Lynches and suffice to say it is an easy stretch when water levels are good [ and they were ]. Nead's Bridge of course the highlight and every bit as tight as Moran's but a longer concrete tube. Had all the time in the world to measure and felt it was a stretch in my imagination to think 4E was thinner than 13' 7" !!!!!
L.T.C. Rolt in "Green and Silver" says that "Killucan Bottom Lock" is 13' 3 3/4" wide. This the major pinch point on the Royal could halt the gallop of 4E.

First pic is mooring spot for a week on Dublin side of Mary Lynches where a pleasant time was spent, one of the interesting people was the quad- driving farmer who had returned after spending twenty years in Belgium. This is the reason I really love canals, the local banter and interest in what " the boat" is doing.
Second one is of departure from same spot with first mate in control.

Onwards we dropped from Lock 25 to below Lock 22 to spend the night at the un-used Killucan Station and" Cunninghams" spot . Good footage on Waterways of here but people should check out Cunninghams as one of the few remaining grocery/hardware/pub "all in ones" that are sadly dissapearing from our countryside. Lovely owners and customers- I really reccomend.
First pic is our over-night near Cunninghams and the second is of the exit from Lock 21 and due to masonry movement on the deep-gate end, was TIGHT. A bad start for what lay three locks away!

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
27 October, 2011 21:45
onwards through Locks twenty and nineteen without incident and gathering friends and wellwishers, 4E faced the famous "skinny" Lock 18.The chamber is filled, gates opened and the wait begins.

So in she went and down very slowly !

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
27 October, 2011 21:52
Sitting in the chamber, she seemed free and the move forward began.


The marks of a skinny lock ! !

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
27 October, 2011 22:02
Jubilation all round , what had been an unknown obstacle had been overcome.

A very welcome helping hand from "Donal" who was as excited as we were.

And after all came the " M boat hug" [ 23 and 33 ]

First mate says " there's stones to be shifted "

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
27 October, 2011 22:12
So 4E , maintenance boat of fifty years ago on the Royal gets back at it with gusto.

Do ya think Joe would run her through a few more times ?

PS. thanks to the senders of pm's - the problems are starting to fade away,

Joe.thumbs up
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
27 October, 2011 23:53
Yis should have seen the big grin that was welded to Joe's face all last weekend. Tried to get a pic of it, but it kept blinding the camera....LOL


Re: Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
28 October, 2011 01:10

Good one, Joe!
Now maybe the others'll come and give it a go.
Should be easy now, you're nearly there, but keep up the good work!
Hope to pay you a visit again soon...

All the best

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
28 October, 2011 09:32
Really, really really surprised there has been no "M" engagement on the Royal subject, it begs lot's of questions .
Before I depart on a "shift the boat session", here are a few from Lock 18 eastwards.

This guy is threatening to do a "4E" on these babies !!!

The long level [next lock is Ferns at Kilcock] has plenty of water as these shots of wake from 4E show .

This big guy was around when Rambler passed through and produces a lot of what was said about "proving" the Royal.

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
28 October, 2011 09:42
So into Hill O Down and a welcome rest before the next stretch, I didn't get a pint through the window [ like Mick ] but did have a conversation with him as we passed.

The craft over the hedge was last seen amongst a bunch WI had lifted, the new owners hopefully will enjoy this project.

And what's this ? Another stone job ! ! !

Have a good weekend everyone,

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
28 October, 2011 15:26
Ahhh now Joe....The M-Boaters are all busy this weekend, trying to work out how many cows you can fit on a pigs back. Incidentially, using the Norris/Saunders Formula, I can prove that 4E is only 7' 13" and that its only the refraction from the blue paint that makes it seem bigger...LOL

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
30 October, 2011 07:30
4E crossing the Boyne Aqueduct on Friday afternoon...

4E arriving at Enfield Harbour on Saturday morning

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
30 October, 2011 08:40
Well done Joe. The oddesy continues. smiling smiley

[COLOR=gray][i]OceanFroggie[/i][/COLOR] [size=x-small][color=#FFDEAD][i]Noel Griffin[/i][/color][/size]
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
30 October, 2011 09:34
thats a lovely picture coming in to enfield.
Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
31 October, 2011 16:11
Just back from a great weekend of movement and bits of excitement. Had some company [ and assistance] and while I was cruising, AJ became the official photographer and I will tell the weekend's story with his beautiful pictures.

On Saturday we had a nephew[ and his wife] of Joseph Kane who filled in a lot of the man from Blackwood's background. We had some Rambler Connons as well as some of AJ's people, a great occasion.
This was a Rambler / 4E talk-in at Enfield.

A little railway competition !

All kitted out.

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Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
31 October, 2011 16:20
4E having a "Rambler moment"

Some of what leads to those moments.

These two from Fern's Lock near Kilcock which marks the end of the Long Level.

Re: 4E 'Going back to her roots'.
31 October, 2011 16:34
Overnight was above the 16th in Kilcock after arriving in darkness the evening before [ thanks to Evan and John]. After a little behind-the-gate clearance the next morning, we locked down and sailed majestically through the harbour in Kilcock.

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