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Posted by Duncan 
23 September, 2011 17:56
Hi All

I just heard some good news and felt, despite it not being waterways related, I should pass it on.
According to NASA, this morning, it's now virtually certain that the dead satellite is going to miss North America.
Isn't that great?
For the rest of us the odds of being hit are, apparently, 1 in 3,200! That's quite acceptable. We're not Americans, after all.
What an interesting insight...

23 September, 2011 18:06
Heard that this morning alright,helmets on winking smiley
23 September, 2011 18:12
Hmmmmmm........1 in 3200...any chance that 'Effin or Neads bridges might be in line for a bit of a slap then....??

23 September, 2011 19:07
MMmm,I think it's trajectory [lovely word that] will bring it over the "Norn" part of the country. So it might fall on Donegal.Effin bridge is quite safe ,for the moment. We'll have to wait for i41M to travel up and launch a missile.He shouldn't need his GPS to find the Royal canal.

23 September, 2011 19:34
Ahhhh now PJ.....odds of that are 1 in 3,200,000....!!!

23 September, 2011 20:33
Now now lads, the i41 will make it up the Royal, just waiting for another m boat to prove the way first. Sorry Mick, but a b boat is shallower, narrower, lower and shorter. Ebbenezer is much shallower and much lower. Rambler is much narrower.
So, if you guys found it hard, the i41 wouldn't make it. Looks good for a trip to Abbeyshrule or even Mullingar next spring or just before Jamestown, Effin bridge out though.

Les 41M
23 September, 2011 20:36
Sorry about double post, iphone fingers, and missing me laptop.
23 September, 2011 21:10
Mick,Them's very good odds 1-32,000,000 . That's better than winning the lotto. Can I have a fiver quickpik on Les to be the 2nd M boat up The Royal. I expect this to happen in 2027 when 41m will be a hundred years old and Les will be xxxx years old.I expect the canal might be fully functional by then and the negotiations between Iarnrod Eireann and Gmbh Votervays Europa will finally be concluded.

23 September, 2011 21:58
Well now Les......length is'nt an issue, Rambler and Ebenhaezer have you well bet. Airdraft should'nt be an issue Rambler is the full 10 ft and I'm 9'2" over 9'4" width and had no issues. Ebenhaezer has proved the lockgates, insofar as they can open wide enough. I probably have the greatest depth over width (3'4" over 12'9", floating) and this will undoubtly be an issue, Neads Br. I estimate that 76 M (3'6" over 13'3") would need 5 to 6 inches MORE water than I had, to get through Neads. Problem is, the dodgy bank at The Downs only had about 3 to 4 inches freeboard, but I reckon they had built that up to get me through, so maybe it can go up another bit. I've made great efforts in all my comms with WI on the issues that I had, to point out that there's bigger than me, or anything else thats already crossed, to come...!!


PS....why wait for someone else to prove/disprove it Les.......Go a hero.....!!!!
23 September, 2011 22:25
Well, I'm in the Norn part of the country and I've decided just to curl up in a ball and not worry when any barge is going to visit Lisnaskea but instead have a warming glass
24 September, 2011 00:44
Don't worry Alun. We are coming north again. Last 2 times in force 2003 and 2006. Fantastic time so watch the events on the HBA Site. We'll let you know when we are coming.

Les 41M
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