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Royal Programme

Posted by Andy Jordan 
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Re: Royal programme
05 October, 2011 14:18
Yes, I suspected as much.
But, as somebody once said and everybody since has quoted, "If you don't ask..."
How about a throwaway remark about what a fine upstanding bunch you think we all are?;-)
No, don't spoil it. There are enough IWAI logos visible in the footage, so some subliminal effect will probably happen anyway and we should be grateful not to have to pay for that!
Keep up the good work

Re: Royal Programme
05 October, 2011 15:18
[quote Gregory Whelan]Michael

I wholeheartedly agree with your comments and sentiments, hopefully it will bring more people on to the canals.

Now does anybody know what "Effin" is in Irish I just need it for a work project?

Greg Whelan[/quote]

According to Wikipedia, its "Eimhin" Greg...... see

Re: Royal Programme
05 October, 2011 17:30
As in "Eimhin" but I cant get out. the finger smiley

Re: Royal Programme
05 October, 2011 17:38
Probably more like usually gives a V sound in Irish....(I think). Bit of a coincidence that there was an Evan on the boat....!!

Re: Royal Programme
05 October, 2011 18:04
A slight aside. My dad tells a story of himself and a friend Joe Rale who went to a dance in Dromcollogher back in the sixties. As the local pubs were warned not to serve non locals, they liberated a few bikes and cycled the 5 miles to Effin only to find out that there is no effin pub in Effin .smileys with beer

Re: Royal Programme
05 October, 2011 18:41
Andy,That's a very funny Effin story.tongue sticking out smileywinking smiley

Re: Royal Programme
05 October, 2011 21:08
[quote Mick Farrell][quote Gregory Whelan]Michael

I wholeheartedly agree with your comments and sentiments, hopefully it will bring more people on to the canals.

Now does anybody know what "Effin" is in Irish I just need it for a work project?

Greg Whelan[/quote]

According to Wikipedia, its "Eimhin" Greg...... see


Quote form Micks Wikipedia link[i]"Effin comes from the name of an Irish Saint St. Eimhin, pronounced Effin"[/i]

mmmh, I can imaging in a thousand year or so the site being excavated and some very bright Post Grad writing a paper on how the "Effin" bridge was named after some famous Saint.......

Would that be Saint PJ I wonder.... !

Richard Ellis

Virginia Lady
Re: Royal Programme
05 October, 2011 21:51
I suspect that was probably just "foreign nationals" mis-pronouncing the mans name Richard. The Irish for Saint, is Naomh (pronounced [i]nave[/i]), and theres a company called Eimhin Properties in Monasterevin who, and I'm just guessing here, probably dont pronounce it effin...!!


Comments for ÉIMHÍN:

Éimhín is an unusual name in Ireland. My parents named me Éimhín (I'm female and they and I know it's a boys name) after a trip to Mainistir Éimhín in Co. Kildare, which in English translates as Monasterevan. Éimhín was a monk (I'm not sure of the dates but I will post them when I get the book from downstairs but it would have been in Medieval Irish Times) who settled in Kildare and set up a monastery.

The closest English translation to the name is Evan. However I do not believe that there is an English translation of the name Éimhín because it is an Irish name, Evan is the closest translation to be found which derives from the Anglicised version of Mainistir Éimhín, Monasterevan.

This might not fit into the category but the pronunciation of Éimhín is a difficult one. I am a fluent Irish (Gaelic) speaker and pronounce my name as "Eh-veen" but because of the fada (the little line over the vowel) the "e" sound changes from the normal sound of e to "ay" and some may pronounce the name as "Ay-veen" which I believe is the incorrect way to pronounce it.
-- EimhinNiC 12/7/2008

Key: Meaning/History Usage Pronunciation Famous Bearer Personal Impression Other

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Re: Royal Programme
05 October, 2011 22:07
On a different note...seems Waterways has already entered the political arena. Small extract from page 4 of Mondays edition of the Metro Herald which N Galway pointed out to me this evening.


Canal paths need Royal boost

A DUBLIN West by-election candidate has called for the
development of the Royal Canal Path to make it safe for the
public to walk along, following a new RTÉ programme
promoting the canal as a recreational facility. Cllr David
McGuinness has called on State agency Waterways Ireland,
as well as the Government and local authorities, to make
these pathways safe for the public to fully enjoy. In the
programme last night, Dick Warner began his journey along
the canal to celebrate its reopening to navigation this year.
RE: Re: Royal Programme
06 October, 2011 09:29
Very interesting post. My name is also Evan, born, bred and reared in Monasterevan in the not so distant past of 1952. We were a rarety in those days, lads by the name of Evan, there were 3 of us in the local school.Evan Miller, 2 years older than me, Evan Carr son of Con Carr of Community Games and cycling fame(his grandson now plays for Leinster) and myself.
I did some research in the early 1970's along with a Br O'Brien a native Irish speaker into the origans of the name:
In my humble opinion the correct spelling of the male version is :Eimhean, there used to be a "builte" on the m but that was abolished in favour of the "h" in the late 60's/early 70's.
The Eimhin comes from the miss use of the "Tuiseall Guineadh uimhir uaidhe" which comes from one noun preceeding another thus Mainistir Eimhin, the monestary of Eimhean.
I am open to corrections especially on my spelling, it's been a long time since I tried.
p/s I moved to Limerick in the late 1970's with a very unusual christian name and now there are loads of Evans around Limerick.(not of my breeding I hasten to add!!).
I always sign my name: Evan as Bearla
Eimhean as Gaeilge,
Vinegar Hill
Re: Royal Programme
06 October, 2011 11:34
Eiffin Meaning Evan Sorry

Evan is a Welsh name in Irish it is spelt Eibhean
Evan in Welsh but translated in English name is John
Evin in is some times seen Eoin.

Meaning: little warrior

Evan Connon
Rambler Crew
Re: Royal Programme
06 October, 2011 12:35
Eimhin and Effin

Eimhin was an abbot and Bishop of Ros-mic-Turin (Ireland) Probably in the sixth century.

Eimhin Came from munster, brother of two saints Culain and Dairmid.

St Eimhin is said to be Author of the life of ST Patrick Called [i]VITA TRIARTITA[/i]

I would say there is a church or Convent or a old Monastery With some connection to St Eimhin With a road leading to this area. There is probably a old story of a bridge over a river that lead to this area they rename this bridge as Effin Bridge hundreds of years back,
There is a road in cork Called Effin Road.

And Evin is a neibhourhood in [i]Tehran Iran[/i] names can be used so differently

Re: Royal Programme
09 October, 2011 22:53
Was that the 17th Lock where 'yis had trouble with the airdraft, Evan...?

Re: Royal Programme
09 October, 2011 23:14
Yes i think was but there only an inch in it. There is a slip just be for it and i got off the rambler to open the locks with Ben Tracy as came around to see the rambler pull off and john and dick spotted it very soon but the problem was there was really good water there and and the rambler moves well in deep water and as i on the bank i could see dick And John put the rambler in full a-stern and i did not think the rambler would stop but as the rambler went to or under the bridge there was so little space that the water passing by the rambler acted like a break and slowed the rambler.
But we did hit the bridge and real problem was not to rock the barge as the roof was stuck and the roll would do damage but Johns first words were this is the lowest bridge on the royal.

Re: Royal Programme
09 October, 2011 23:29
So Liffey Juct. is'nt the lowest bridge on the Royal after all. Not that I'm going to have any issues with airdraft, but it's useful to know...!!

Not sure I'd have appreciated a camera boat flying towards me out of Louisa Bridge either..!!

Re: Royal Programme
10 October, 2011 12:07
Ben Tracy was driving the camera boat but he was so close the Rambler I was standing on deck watching him coming though the bridge past us. If he was any later by seconds he would have got smashed by the Rambler being caught between Rambler and the bridge.

The deep cut i have to say is the nicest pieces of water ways I have traveled in the summer if ever get the chance to travel it . There is housing estates all above and around you and because your in the cut the sound does not come down it to the cut.

We only got stuck once in the cut it took us about hour half to get moving again. I am not sure what the right name is but its when they want to drain half the level they put timber in to slots in the stone and force a dam to hold the water back so you don,t have drain the whole level its half way along the cut and dew to low water the Rambler had to be dragged over the bass section beneath the water level.

So any boat with 3.8 draft with low water be a wear of it. Its under the bridge I think its Clonsilla Bridge there is a new walk way as well over the Royal canal as there people saying in amazement there big boat down there as they walked over to get the train.

Re: Royal Programme
10 October, 2011 15:58
The Deep Sinking was one of the places where I had little trouble, though from talking with John at Louisa on Sat., I think I may have had more water than Rambler did. (Thanks Dessie) I did of course rub bottom beneath most of the bridges and just past the new railway bridge was a major slog. I did get stopped at one point by a length of fencepost lying on a shopping trolley and a motorbike, but managed to get past by retrieving the trolley and moving the fencepost. The motorbike was still there and I passing last Thursday on the Dubhlinn. Although very narrow and well overgrown with trees, it does have a kind of magical quality about it...!!


A couple of bridge pics from last Thursday...!!

[b]Kirkpatrick Br.[/b]

[b]Dont know this ones name, my guide predates it....[/b]

[b]Kennan Br.[/b]

[b]Callaghan Br., Clonsilla.[/b]

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 10/10/2011 15:59 by Mick Farrell.
Re: Royal Programme
10 October, 2011 16:21
Another fabulous TV programme, beautifully made, scripted and delivered. Really enjoyable ‘viewing’. It affirms the great difficulties navigating the canal, which currently seems suitable only for equipped enthusiasts rather than typical tourists on leisure craft. Well done all involved in this excellent production.

[COLOR=gray][i]OceanFroggie[/i][/COLOR] [size=x-small][color=#FFDEAD][i]Noel Griffin[/i][/color][/size]
Re: Royal Programme
10 October, 2011 16:33
Your "typical tourist" tends to be in something a bit smaller than Rambler and generally does'nt have too many problems, Noel. Even Froggie could probably manage without too much hassle, though lack of access to prop would be a definate disadvantage. Fancy a nice weed hatch...? Could also be used for digging silt out of certain marinas .....LOL
Please do give WI a bit of time to deal with all the issues we found. It's the first time in 50 years that big boats have crossed...!!

Royal Programme
10 October, 2011 18:13
The fact that Rambler got under Liffey Junction bridge and got stuck at
the bridge at the 17th lock doesn't necessarily mean that Liffey
Junction has more air draught. My memory is that we had a large water
ballast tank that was full at Liffey Junction and pumped out by the time
we got to the 17th. Dick.

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