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Royal Programme

Posted by Andy Jordan 
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Re: Royal Programme
10 October, 2011 23:48
if the program was available on dvd for christmas would there be many people interested in buying it as a gift i for 1 would buy many a copy. but who else would feel the same ?????
Re: Royal Programme
11 October, 2011 00:09
Fair comment Dick, and slight variations in water levels could also distort "lowest". Perhaps a job for a measuring tape...!

Re: Royal Programme
11 October, 2011 11:44
Dick is right Rambler did have a large water tank and we did pump the tank dry for got that one

Fair play Dick

Re: Royal Programme
11 October, 2011 13:10
[quote OceanFroggie]Quoting Noel: [the programme] affirms the great difficulties navigating the canal, which currently seems suitable only for equipped enthusiasts rather than typical tourists on leisure craft.[/quote]
Some boats that "did" both Grand and Royal canals encountered very very little trouble including myself - as reported here - M50 to Richmond Harbour, Clondra with zero problems encountered. The same can be said for all the smaller canal-type boats, i.e. narrowboats, widebeam narrowboats, small cruisers etc. The largest boats [i]Rambler[/i] being longest, [i]Ebenhaezer[/i] being widest, [i]31B[/i] being deep across its full width, and some Shannon/Erne cruisers being in some cases very deep or very high and with no easy access to a prop did encounter difficulties.
While enthusiasm is a requirement, and a bit of patience, "doing" the canals in a suitable boat and even in an unsuitable boat is not beyond the ken of "tourists" or the uninitiated.
You do need to be a bit fit (lots of locks) and know where your weed filter is and weed hatch etc. but 20 minutes of training had me heading off to do the Grand Canal and Barrow many years ago, with nothing, only wonderful memories as a souvenir.

I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I think that most of the challenges faced by [i]Rambler[/i] were expected given that it was the first Royal-max size boat to go through.

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Re: Royal Programme
11 October, 2011 15:43
That's fair comment Michael, Rambler was edge of envelope. Feedback from some leisure users I've received first hand was it was a wonderful experience but very though going at times, some saying glad they did it but not expecting to again. Give it time I suppose it's still first year.

[COLOR=gray][i]OceanFroggie[/i][/COLOR] [size=x-small][color=#FFDEAD][i]Noel Griffin[/i][/color][/size]
Re: Royal Programme
12 October, 2011 00:16
"Feedback from some leisure users I've received first hand......"

Noel, do please tell me you got that from some politicians speech....LOL

Yes, I found it hard going on occasions, very annoying once or twice, but I am glad that I did it and I WILL be doing it again and I'm looking forward to showering WI with praise for all the improvements that will have happened between this year and next. I can only reccomend you try it yourself and then tell us what you think...!!

Re: Royal Programme
16 October, 2011 22:57
Yet another thoroughly enjoyable programme, wonderful ,can't wait for next weeks installment.
Re: Royal Programme
17 October, 2011 14:48
Fantastic episode last night, the end of it was so funny, something you would not see in Only Fools and horses!! Excellent work again to Dick and the crew.
Re: Royal Programme
18 October, 2011 21:21
[quote alanhughes]if the program was available on dvd for christmas would there be many people interested in buying it as a gift i for 1 would buy many a copy. but who else would feel the same ?????[/quote]

Yes I would along with thousands im sure here and across seas. But I would rather see a full box set of all the 5 series. I think we should not let it go keep contacting Tile films to get an answer on this.

Has anyone who contacted them got a reply back from them yet?

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