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Grand Canal - Ardclough

Posted by Colin Becker 
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Grand Canal - Ardclough
06 October, 2011 11:35

Following a couple of calls to the 1890 number looking for suppliers of
puddle clay "for a job for Kildare Co. Council on the Grand Canal" I've
learned that there is a plan to close the canal at Ardclough (between Henry
Bridge and Ponsonby Bridge if I'm reading the map right) to put in a large
diameter drainage pipe under the canal. I can't see on the e-tenders
web-site exactly when this is meant to happen but I'm guessing it will be
sometime over the winter. I'll post more details when I learn more.

Best Wishes

Colin Becker
GMY Chang Sha
Re: Grand Canal - Ardclough
06 October, 2011 13:06 7.....last IWN......did you not read it yet....??....LOL

Re: Re: Grand Canal - Ardclough
06 October, 2011 13:12
Just checking to see was anyone awake....!!


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