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Details of the New Navigation Mark system on Lough Corrib

Posted by Capt Cautious 
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Details of the New Navigation Mark system on Lough Corrib
13 October, 2011 22:28
Details of the new navigation marker system for the Corrib are available at

The new system is being implemented over a 5 year period. For the relatively small number of users of the Navigation it may take a little getting used to - on most of the lake they have been used to leaving Red to stbd inbound. ALL CHANGE. The changeover points will be well promulgated, and the similarity between old and new systems is so non-existant that I personally doubt there will be much in the way of confusion. That being said.......

Details of the new proposed Primary and Secondary routes will be available on the AnglingCharts website once they have been finalised.

Charts will of course be updated as each stage is completed, and hopefully we'll end up with a system that new users on the lake will feel comfortable with, and new opportunities for tourism. In 5 years I expect the Euro to have hit parity with the Matabele Gumbo Gumbo Bead - so tourism numbers should be up anyway.


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Re: Details of the New Navigation Mark system on Lough Corrib
18 October, 2011 17:15
Good to hear that the Corrib Navigation Trustees are getting interested in their navigation responsibilities, the standard of navigation markers on Lough Corrib is shockingly bad.

Its such a shame that the Corrib is not part of Waterways Ireland remit, how did that ever happen?

It should be a priority of IWAI (particularly the corrib branch) to have it included in WI responsibility area.

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