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A Very Grand Canal – exhibition and documentary

Posted by Beth 
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A Very Grand Canal – exhibition and documentary
26 June, 2012 13:57
[b]A Very Grand Canal – exhibition and documentary
Yesterday, June 25th 2012, Offaly County Council launched an outstanding exhibition in Tullamore – artistic interpretations of the Grand Canal.

The collection consists of three main projects –

1. [b]A Grand Experience[/b] – a film which follows three artists over five days on the barge 68M with the Burke family and boatman, Andy Maloney. Writer, Eugene O’Brien, photographer, Veronica Nicholson and musician, Wayne Brennan, embarked on the journey seeking inspiration along the canal, from Shannon Harbour to Edenderry. The film was produced by Martina McGlynn and directed by Garret Daly of Mixed Bag Media. The prose, music and photographs produced by the artists during the journey form part of the exhibition. Listening to those involved yesterday, they were enthused by the journey while photographing, composing, writing, directing and producing on board and at the same time enjoying 68M’s well-known hospitality.

2. [b]A Grand Canal Commission[/b] – is a series of eight prints depicting the history and the legacy of the Grand Canal by Geraldine O’Reilly. There are some well-known former working barges featured here.

3. [b]Six Mooring and a Silent Thread[/b] – by Susanna Caprara of La Cosa Perziosa - six ten minute auditory interpretations of the flow and the voices of the Grand Canal. Some familiar voices can be heard.

The good news is there will be opportunities for more people to see this exhibition with showings in Dublin, Athlone and elsewhere. There are plans to show the film on RTE and it will be submitted to film festivals. Jimmy Deenahan TD, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, in extolling the collection, stated the exhibition had international appeal.

The exhibition shows another dimension to our beloved Grand Canal and is well worth viewing when you get the opportunity. Congratulations to Catriona Hilliard and her colleagues at Offaly County Council and all those involved in commissioning, managing and producing the work and the innovative exhibition.

The film trailer can be seen here here. and more details!/pages/Offaly-Arts/104429966266837


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Re: A Very Grand Canal – exhibition and documentary
27 June, 2012 12:03
I was fortunate to be at the première of the film last night and it is simply brilliant. It works as a documentary following the artists' journey, it works as a promo for Offaly and the Grand Canal - but as a piece of film art is is superb. The film work really captures the peace and calm that travel on the canal can be, and the people and places that make it special.

I don't know when it will get further exposure - should be on the TV in the near future - but when it does be sure and watch it.

We were also treated to a performance of Wayne's song. Look for it on iTunes soon.

I saw the other projects at the County Building in Tullamore. Again all excellent pieces of work. (My favourite was the immersive audio) These too will be brought to a wider audience - it is public art after all - so be sure and make time for a visit.

Well done to all - especially Catrioina and 68M.

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Re: A Very Grand Canal – exhibition and documentary
02 July, 2012 10:29
What the papers say ......

"Waterway that has shaped Offaly's history and landscape celebrated"

"A Grand experience at Tullamore"

Offaly County Council Peter Ormond praised the film. "I think you will agree when you see this film, that Martina and Garret have created an extraordinary perspective of the Grand Canal, one which captures its beauty, the welcoming community and the inspiration the Grand Canal can have on three artists,"


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