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From lowtown to Shannon Harbour

Posted by Paul Dunne 
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From lowtown to Shannon Harbour
01 July, 2012 21:10
Hi all,
Lady Lucy was launched yesterday and I am glad to report that she is still the right side of the drink...! I hope to start the journey to
Shannon harbour once the gremlins have be vanquished for once and for all. The level of weeds from Littletown where she as launched to Lowtown is chronic. However when I got to lowtown and turned right for Robertown (test run) I was reduced to half of a slow walk the weeds were unbelievable. Had to stop several times to clean out the strainers.
Is this what I can expect all the way to the Shannon.
How many days should I allow for this trip. The last time I made this journey I was crew on the Bat!

Thanks in advance

Lady Lucy
Paul Dunne
Re: From lowtown to Shannon Harbour
02 July, 2012 01:02
Hi Paul,

Congrats on the launch.

Weed is a bit of a difficult issue to pin down. It crucify's some boats, and hardly bothers others. You'll just have to work out what it does to Lady Lucy for yourself. Best advice I can offer is to keep revs as low as possible and if you feel that you've picked up weed on your prop, let the boat drift in neutral for a couple of lenghts. This often lets it fall off. Let me know how you get on.....(mwf1 at eircom dot net...)


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