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Royal Canal Water levels?

Posted by Tom Cox 
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Royal Canal Water levels?
03 September, 2013 22:43
Briefly my question is this I'm presently at Lock 12 (Royal Canal) after completing the Grand Canal on July 31st last. With scheduled work on the boat taking place and work commitments I'm caught until Sept 22nd. Then I have my delayed summer hols abroad Oct 8-19th. Should I wait (if I can arrange extended berthing time) & do Oct 20th onwards winter cruising on hopefully higher water levels and less weed. Or would it be OK to make a run for the West Sept 23rd-Oct 8th onwards? It's looking like a dry September! I don't mind winter cruising and I'd love to see some rain..especially on the canals smiling smiley
I don't see many posts on the Canals... am feeling like the "lost" not "last" Offalian (that's Offaly man in plain speak) on the Canal. I don't want to get caught either by the WI winter works programme. I would like to get home... sniff!

I began at Portlick, Glasson. Weed was the main problem from Rahan onwards to just outside Tullamore. 6 times in the Grand Canal defouling my prop. The new Tullamore footbridges over the Canal I just cleared without lowering the Mast on a Freeman 27. Water levels were not great from Lowtown on with 6 occasions of bottom rubbing. Gollierstown to Lock 12 Lucan was tough with constant bottom crawling! I draw 30". I thought I'd be OK but I guess it's an unusual summer.

But thanks to Mick Kinahan Dublin IWAI and Sean O'Beirne and very helpful WI staff we came through to Grand Canal Basin on July 31st
And more WI and Dublin IWAI help on August 13th as we headed west via the Liffey... slowly and under tow at one point (Lock 6) and positively sped then on to Lock 12 Blanchardstown.
I have to say it's been a very interesting journey. Some great people who are true heroes. John & Bev Power at Lock 12 and the aforementioned Mick Kinahan. Please take a bow. thumbs up
thumbs up
Tom Cox
"Irenee"- heading west...eventually!
Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
04 September, 2013 17:15
water level between ferns lock and thomastown is very low down by at least a foot on the royal canal ,boats are sitting on bottom in places and i believe no more traffic is been let through,seemingly council have turned off pumps feeding it at boyne aquaduct. .and it aint getting anymore water ,which is a bummer, good excuse for breaking five day rule the finger smiley regards robbio
Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
04 September, 2013 18:07
Hi Tom,

If you give Jenny Blackford (087-6349146) a bell, she may be able to advise you on "current" conditions or any planned winter works/stoppages, East of Lock 17. Likewise, Willie Rigney (087-2590743) may be able to give the same info. from Lock 17 to Richmond Hbr.

From what "robbio" tells us above, it does appear as if a good sup of rain will be needed to get the long level back up. Roll on the Lough Ennell supply....!!

Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
04 September, 2013 20:03

Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
10 September, 2013 00:49
Well I was a happy camper to see rain on Saturday! Thanks for the suggestions and alarming photograph. A pal travelling on the Sligo train wasn't too hopeful from her perspective of the Royal Canal.
Will give Jenny Blackford a ring to see about getting from my present Lock 12 to Lock 17- it's great to have people on the ground who can give us a green or amber light for heading westward... I hope robbioC is wrong about no more water being pumped in by the Council.At that rate- I'll never see Offaly!
Must give WI a ring and see if there are any other boat(s) heading west after the next (and last for 2013) Sept 17th lift of Effin (Newcomen what-ya-ma-call-it) bridge.

Tom C
Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
22 October, 2013 15:32
Water level is back up by about 12 inches on long level of the royal ,nice to be floating again presumably the summit level is as well.Any one know ?
Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
22 October, 2013 16:42

got a txt. message from someone that said there was 4' 2'' over the cill at Coolnahay which is great news, but will make some more enquiries first,

Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
23 October, 2013 19:43
Thats good i expect boats will be on the move.
Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
23 October, 2013 23:05
Does the Marine Notice re closure of Long Level on the Royal still apply? Hope to be be able to move west and home. shorter daylight next week!
Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
24 October, 2013 00:10
The MN referred to the Summit Level (L25 to L26) rather than the Long Level (L17 to L18), Tom. I'm sure a phone call to WI would answer your question.

Re: Royal Canal Water levels?
25 October, 2013 19:58
Hi all,

pic below was taken at five this afternoon and we are spending the night at Ballinea so summit level is good to go,


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