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royal canal navigation blocked

Posted by robbio c 
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royal canal navigation blocked
05 January, 2014 15:58
Happy new year to all ,just to say a tree is blocking the canal right at enfield bridge ,had my journey cut short today unfortunately,is it worth sending WI an email informing them about it ,dont want to hang around here to long .cheers robbio c
Re: royal canal navigation blocked
06 January, 2014 18:22
Rang the water patroller this morning and tree was gone by lunch time ,Fair ball to WI for quick response smiling bouncing smiley
Re: royal canal navigation blocked
07 January, 2014 04:11

When it come to WI's "staff on the ground"......there's none finer. Mind you, they probably couldn't have moved it, unless that tree's falling had been included in the Corporate Plan 2011-2013....!!


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