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New charges on Shannon and Erne?

Posted by chris hansen 
New charges on Shannon and Erne?
27 January, 2014 08:08
With all the focus on the canals and Barrow at the moment, does anyone know what charges may be heading onto the larger rivers? Are there any existing bye laws that WI will want to `modernise` too? Is there already a draft proposal already written up for the Shannon and Erne system?
1. How much will cruising licence be?
2. Any increase in lock passage charge?
3. Are the Roosky and Portumna lifting bridges going to charge €25 a lift?
4. Will fishing and lake boats be charged €50 annual fee?
5. Will boat hire companies and marinas incur charges payable to WI for having jetties on the water?
6. Will there be extra charges for liveaboards?
Is everyone on the Shannon and Erne keeping their heads down at the moment, hoping that what is happening on the canals will not spread any further? Will you be able to afford to keep your boat on the water or will you be priced off?
Re: New charges on Shannon and Erne?
27 January, 2014 08:48
I don't believe that the Shannon or Erne have been mentioned directly YET, there would be far too much of a backlash at their plans, but one things for sure, WI have not said they wont.
Those boaters who think that these charges wont effect them on the Shannon or Erne needs to think again.
Re: New charges on Shannon and Erne?
27 January, 2014 13:03
I stand corrected, i have been away so just received my emails, one from my IWAI branch states "At meeting between the Canal Action Group and members of the Exec and Waterways Ireland last night it was clearly stated that WI have already started work on amendments to the bye laws governing the Erne system and when that work is complete they will start work on amendments to the Shannon bye laws".

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Re: New charges on Shannon and Erne?
27 January, 2014 13:17
Could it be per chance that the motivation behind Waterways Ireland for any charges, proposed or real, has stemmed from the continuing "abuse of our generous system" by those who blatantly and unashamedly continue to abuse the system, abuse that sadly is condoned and accepted by certain opinions within IWAI, indeed one infamous quote was that "visiting tourists should moor up in the reeds" rather than offend the abusers.

Is this a valid point of view. I happen to believe that it is very valid indeed.

I know some will say that WI should enforce the bye laws currently in force, rather than develop new byelaws, but if you look at what the abusers are doing right under the corporate nose of WI in Enniskillen even after they have been convicted and fined, then something else has to be done. No ?.
Re: New charges on Shannon and Erne?
27 January, 2014 14:43
I totally agree with you Robert, a great deal of blame should be pointed at the parasites on our navigation and we all know (especially the Hogs) that WI have not had the resorces (money) to enforce the current byelaws and i for one have always voiced support for some sort of annual registration fee with a displayed permit that we can all see, far too many boaters have just turned a blind eye to these Hogs rather than stand up and be counted and tell it how it is, well chaps! we're are all going to be paying dear for them now, maybe WI will manage to get a few quid from them after all, but somehow i feel it will still be the compliant who will pay while the Hogs squeal and run for the County Council jetties.
Re: New charges on Shannon and Erne?
27 January, 2014 20:30

I believe I understand the general point you are seeking to make, but one does have to ask how altering the canals/Barrow bye-laws might in any way affect or remedy what happens on the Shannon or the Erne....?? I have no doubt that there are/have been boats without permits on the canals but I do feel that the majority were compliant. What WI are currently proposing will mostly affect the already compliant majority and I suspect will either price people off the water or make the canals so impractical to use that few will bother. Who in their right mind would pay Shannon prices to keep a boat on the canals...??

Re: New charges on Shannon and Erne?
27 January, 2014 21:16
I agree with you Mick, and I do concede that I cannot see what useful purpose levering extra coin out of a small percentage of vessels is intended to achieve, other than perhaps a surrepticious method of being able to say that the viability/sustainability has gone from these waterways and there is no point in continuing to fund the maintenance which must be substantial I imagine.

However, there are a hardened minority of boat owners who, by their selfishness are determined to exploit the generosity of WI to breaking point and beyond, and the likely outcome that I can forsee on the horizon, is that these few are going to destroy it for everyone. I agree with you that clumsy levies are not the way forward at this time of economic downturn, but powers with proper clout it seems are sadly needed, if our waterways are going to be preserved as a viable working entity that can be enjoyed by one and all without unmanageable unreasonable outlay.
Re: New charges on Shannon and Erne?
28 January, 2014 00:19
I,m not a bean counter but at a guess I would say that even if every boat owner paid the existing fees.
That revenue would not come close to covering the cost of keeping our waterways open. It requires financial input from all users and beneficiary,s ! but that,s another story
There will always be people who wont pay, unless there are consequences. Even then you need a 100% catch rate and added penalties (more fees)! How and by whom is that going to be policed ? (is there someone out there designing a prop/rudder clamp!) ?
I seem to recall in the late 70,s early 80,s? lots of people not paying the 5punt road tax! (and you could,nt find a Guinness bear mat in the pubs).

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