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Royal Canal Towpath - PQ

Posted by Colin Becker 
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Royal Canal Towpath - PQ
19 June, 2014 13:07

The attached link is to the text of a written reply to a PQ about the
closure of the Royal Canal Towpath in Dublin.

Best Wishes,

Colin Becker
GMY Chang Sha
Re: Royal Canal Towpath - PQ
21 June, 2014 20:08
I'm using this existing thread to pose a query. Fast forward to the Royal at Mullingar, the Loreto Harbour to be precise.
There is as fine concrete slip there, but between the inevitable high stone walls is a gate plus padlock at the entrance from the road/street which crosses the bridge, which two canoeists said was closed 9/10th of the time, thus denying Joe Public (me) access to the slip.

Does anybody know anything about it?

Tom (Rowboat 'Folly')

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Re: Royal Canal Towpath - PQ
21 June, 2014 22:03
....and another query:- Mullingar has a population of nearly 20.000 and its Royal Canal Dock was on a fine June 20th 2014 totally devoid of boats or barges of any sort.


Has Leo Varadkar won?

Tom K.

Re: Royal Canal Towpath - PQ
23 June, 2014 15:56
Hi Thomas , it is a sad state of affairs when the tax payers hard earned cash has been spent of facilities that cant even be used , what about the dry dock their as well, rotting away ,come on wi and get the finger out we want to use OUR facilities instead of been saddled with more fees for the same c*&p!
Re: Royal Canal Towpath - PQ
23 June, 2014 16:30
Hi Robbio,

Yes, the graving dock didn't escape my notice, but to even begin to put it into use, the old shed/warehouse next door would want to be re-opened &c &c.

There's not a single notice in the town pointing to the canal harbour. That's a loud statement about what the locals think of that facility.

At least it's still there and hasn't been demolished or filled in.

Re: Royal Canal Towpath - PQ
23 June, 2014 17:09
Well Thomas what the locals thought about me when moored in the smaller harbour was to chuck bottles at windows on my boat so makes you wonder , i would think twice about staying over night again!!

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