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fuel filters

Posted by shane1 
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fuel filters
06 August, 2014 10:34
Hi. I recently bought a twin (Lucas) fuel filter with glass bowls. The indicated in/out ports feed the intake to the top of the cartridges, but I feel that it would be better going to the bottom, so that water and dirt can settle in the bowls without clogging the cartridges.
Does anyone have an opinion on this ?

Re: fuel filters
06 August, 2014 14:38

If they are anything like the filters on Chang Sha (Which uses the Delphi 296 type elements), the fuel actually goes in the top around the outside of the paper element, filters through the filter element and comes out in the centre of the cartridge and back up to the outlet. The logic seems to be that any water in fine droplets accumulates as it passes through the filter and then drops to the bottom.

I have noticed that some of the elements made by some suppliers have some sort of vents in the bottom of the cartridge and others don't Not sure I understand the reason for that. It may relate to the detail of the concertina paper bit inside.

GMY Chang Sha
Re: fuel filters
06 August, 2014 20:17
Thanks for that Colin.
They are the 296 elements, but the core is a plain tube, the flow enters through holes in the top of the can, and goes through what look like a (multi) W shaped filter, and exits through slots in the bottom of the element's cans. Accumulating droplets of water into larger drops which would settle rather than remain suspended, may be the rationale though.

Re: fuel filters
06 August, 2014 21:19

Thats consistent with what Ive seen. The Coopers ones I have at the moment are shaped like a cup with a hole in the middle of the botom and the paper element is visible through the hole. In others, as you say, the fuel goes down the filter, out peripheral holes in the base and back up a solid walled centre tube.

I suspect the latter type might be a bit more effective in a water separator type application. Chang Sha has a single 296 element filter with a glass bowl underneath as a pre-filter/ water separator in-line before the double filter. To be sure to be sure to be sure.

Not convinced its the most sensible arrangement but it's worked for years and if it aint broke.....


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