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coax tv cable

Posted by Tillerman53 
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coax tv cable
16 February, 2015 19:48
Anybody got any knowledge or advice on coax cable??
I have an 18 element outdoor aeriel giving me all the Saorview channels on a 12v Walker 19" tv/dvd.
It's connected with a standard coax cable plugging direct into tv (no wall socket). All stations perfect except RTE1 and UTVIreland. The signal strength is good but the signal quality drops if the tv is moved on its bracket, resulting in signal loss or freeze. Someone told me that the cable might be poor quality.
Only the two stations are affected.
Are there different grades of coax?? And where would one get the best one?? Bought mine in Woodies, only type they had.
Worried I'll miss some of Fair City.......

Re: coax tv cable
16 February, 2015 20:57
hi that sounds to me like the signal is not strong enough,i had same problem installing in a house ,could only pick up 4 stations .I upgraded aerial and all was perfect,I would say the cable would be fine.are all connections fine ,no little shorts ??
Re: coax tv cable
17 February, 2015 08:06
I have the same problem from time to time as I move location. I overcome the problem by retuning my television. Sometimes the Ireland tuning will not give me all the channels but if I select UK tuning I get all the channels. The channel numbering is different instead of 1 to 23 its 800 to 813. Maybe worth a try.
Re: coax tv cable
17 February, 2015 11:01
Thanks for replies, guys. Don't think its a signal problem, the level indicator boxes in the info bar marked S (strength) and Q (quality) show full levels in both. But any movement of the cable or tv (not the aeriel or boat) can lose the signal. The only connection is the male connector on the end of the cable, and I've rechecked that and even replaced it twice. I've been told the "S" refers to the signal strength received at the aeriel, while the "Q" refers to the quality of the signal transmitted through the cable. Hence my question about cable types. I should mention the barge is a stable platform and on fixed marina jetty mooring so no movement to speak of.

Re: coax tv cable
17 February, 2015 12:05
This is for VHF cables, but might offer some advice:
Re: coax tv cable
17 February, 2015 16:12
Hi Tm53
On reading your first post I suspected a faulty male connector at the end of the cable. Thats the end that fits into the TV. As you only lose signal when you move the TV on its bracket and you have replaced the connector twice. That means the only place where a fault could be is in the TV. Sometimes the soldered connections in the TV crack and become unreliable.
I had a similar problem with the multi pin scart connector on my TV and the cure was a new TV. A simple test is to try another TV and see if that works. Proof of the pudding and all that.
Do keep us posted if you find the fault.

Robert M
Re: coax tv cable
17 February, 2015 18:04
Hi Phil, I have exactly the same problem, and I know many others do also. I believe it is due to the historical way that Saorview is delivered. Delivery is via the old UHF signal and there was always a difference between RTE1 and the other channels. It is much more sensitive to receive. Not sure if it is polarisation or whatever, but for sure you are simply not getting a good signal. Since it appears you are using a directional aerial you may simply have to change the direction slightly to get RTE1. On the boat I use an omnidirectional amplified aerial and it works best. At home I have a colourking directional and without amplification or with amplification I still sometimes lose RTE1 or UTV. I have settled on a compromise position for the aerial and all seems OK now. Like you I have changed connectors, used 75ohm analogue cable, digital coax cable and still sometimes get the error. I just wish the Saorview delivery people would fix it, because they could easily by adjusting the channel frequencies. In the meantime we will have to live with it being harder to get RTE1 and UTV, and reposition as necessary.

Les 41M
Re: coax tv cable
17 February, 2015 20:41
Folks, there is a lot of coax cable on the market that uses a copper clad steel or copper clad aluminium conductors,and both have considerably higher signal losses than pure copper, while this not a problem on short runs when you have signal strength to burn, it causes problems in marginal strength situations. Copper clad Aluminium could be the problem in Tm53s situation as this conductor is brittle and can fracture easily , also coax should be gently bent (no sharp bends , even if it looks better). The only way to verify the quality of the coax you are buying (unless you can take a blade to the conductor first) is to look for a "CAI" approved coax (always printed on the drum & sometimes on the cable itself) , this guarantees performance standards.
Re: coax tv cable
17 February, 2015 23:21
Hi all,
My problem with saorview in my house is the sound lags behind the vision and then sound drops out for a second.
Living in Jamestown and getting signal from Cairnhill. The aerial is about 15 ft from the ground pointing across open water. Any ideas?

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