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Royal Canal

Posted by Robert Maitland 
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Royal Canal
27 June, 2016 20:15
Took a walk from Richmond harbour along the canals first 2 levels. Horrendous amount of weed growing in the canal. This section is effectively closed to propellor driven craft. Canoes, row boats and air boats should be ok. Anyone else should bring a 4 X 4 to tow them in the way the horses used to do. Where have the weed cutters gone? Lots of boats in the harbour.

Robert M
Re: Royal Canal
01 July, 2016 20:06
Hi Robert,

I know exactly what you mean. Malcolm was up to his arm pits down the weed hatch at least twice on that stretch. What it needs is more moving boats to keep the weed down. We only saw four moving boats on the whole of the Royal. You could always borrow a donkey there are lots of them in fields along the way. To be fair that stretch is the worst of the whole canal though the rest is quite bad in parts. Still a loveley canal though.

Barbara NB Ampere.

PS The weed cutters were in the Mullingar area when we passed through.
Re: Royal Canal
01 July, 2016 20:35
nothing has really changed then , we tried really hard ,but with twin props we were a complete failure.
Re: Royal Canal
02 July, 2016 19:56
The day after I posted I spoke to a WI man who said he was preceding 2 motor cruisers on his weed cutter to enable navigation into Richmond Harbour. There does not appear to be a low cost solution to the weed problem.

Robert M
Re: Royal Canal
18 July, 2016 14:41
Just had a week or so travelling up to Mullingar,weed not that bad but it will grow back fairly sharpish if no boats are using it.Had one boat pass in the last two weeks.warning the stretch from lidl to the harbour is full of shopping trolleys,traffic cones and anything else that can be thrown in,never seen so many beer cans on the bottom of a canal before.The rest of the canal down to Richmond is spot on,the harbour in Mullingar very clean and secure.Shame no one else uses the Royal

Re: Royal Canal
18 July, 2016 15:31
The weed cutters have now completed the sections down to richmond harbour and the harbour, all very clear and very usable, with power supplies, more than helpfull lock keepers to help you along, great time to head up the Royal, traffic is whats needed now, we're loving it!
Re: Royal Canal
08 August, 2016 14:20
The section from Killucan to Hill of Down is very bad, little traffic and Waterways ireland inform me the weed machine, lying in Thomastown, is broken and theyve no money to fix itsad smiley
Re: Royal Canal
08 August, 2016 15:39
I know it's been said many times before (and reiterating it can sometimes open a can of worms on this forum) but why oh why oh why, are Waterways Ireland putting substantial capital in to opening new waterways, when they can't afford to maintain the ones they already have open?

The weed problem on the Royal mentioned here and the collapsed culvert on the Barowline spring to mind.

It just doesn't make sense.confused smiley
Re: Royal Canal
08 August, 2016 21:57
Having just about made that journey to thomastown harbour recently all i can say its a disgrace ,navigable me asre, me thinks they might like it that way , and me been a fool paying the permit CMP combined mooring and passage ! you cant even pass , its a joke,the mooring bit i have no problem with

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