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Boat Heaters

Posted by Drew Nelson 
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Boat Heaters
17 August, 2017 11:16
I have a few S/H Eberspacher And Webasto Night Heaters. Anyone interested can give me a call.
Re: Boat Heaters
17 August, 2017 12:15
Hi Drew
I have either a Eberspacher or Webasto heater in my boat and it runs ok ish and cuts out after a couple of minutes would love a SH one for some spares, Not sure which one I have as we only got the boat a few months ago so I will check which one I have, and get back. Robbie
Re: Boat Heaters
17 August, 2017 17:58
Hi Robbie
you would need the model ie D2.the year if possible and a photograph of the heater detail plate

cheers Drew
Re: Boat Heaters
18 August, 2017 10:26
Hi Drew
I am interested in your heaters
How I can contact you
Regards Mark
Re: Boat Heaters
18 August, 2017 11:00 or Text me on 07741019019
Re: Boat Heaters
21 August, 2017 12:09
Hi Drew
I can't rich you over the phone
Can you send me you number again pleas
That my phone number 0863561027
Re: Boat Heaters
21 August, 2017 21:24
My number is 0044 7741019019
Re: Boat Heaters
07 December, 2017 23:24
Hi Drew,
I'm just wondering if the heaters you had have all found new homes already? My Broom Skipper has a 40 year old Wabasto heater that has reached end of life, and needs replacing, but new ones are quite pricey. Was looking last night at the Eberspacher D4.. nice unit but not so nice price. (New to this Forum).
Re: Boat Heaters
08 December, 2017 11:48
I spotted these on ebay .[] They seem to be very cheep compared to the other two makes and online reviews look good, worth a punt at that price.
Re: Boat Heaters
08 December, 2017 22:17
Fergal. I would be interested to know how you get on with the Chinese (Eberspacher)
Re: Boat Heaters
09 December, 2017 15:12
I think they are made in Russia smiling smiley I fitted an eberspacher in my boat last year and paid about €700 for it, these seem to be new on the market as I searched the net for the cheapest option at the time.
Re: Boat Heaters
09 December, 2017 16:44
They are Chinese and unbranded. Some are marketed as Planer. ie Russian.THEY ARE NOT. I would like to try one but fear I would be wasting my money.

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