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Removal of water from Lough Ree

Posted by Robbie 
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Removal of water from Lough Ree
19 October, 2017 18:09
Hi all, does anyone know what is going on re the potential removal of water from the Inner lakes,ie Glasson Lough between Wineport and Portaneena Marina at the Council Amenity. There is a Planning application posted there, and I also believe there is a proposed pumping station just down the road in an old quarry.
Anyone local to this area have any Info. would love to know what is going on !!!!!!!
Re: Removal of water from Lough Ree
19 October, 2017 20:05
Log into the relevant co council website and look under planning applications. All the documentation should be available for inspection
Re: Removal of water from Lough Ree
19 October, 2017 20:36
Hi Fleur
I done as you advised
Here is the details of the Application

The proposed development comprises a raw water Intake Works and Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Killinure Lough within the Portaneena townland, Athlone, Co Westmeath. The Intake Works will contain a building incorporating a pump room, control rooms, and ESB substation ( 7.0m high above a 6.35m deep sump) siteworks and landscaping at the Portaneena Amenity Area. The WTP will contain the following structures: 3 NR Inlet Contact Tanks: 5.0m (h); Main treatment building: 9.6m (h); Chemical storage tanks: 2 Nr @ 8m (h), 2 Nr @ 5.2 (h) and 4 Nr @4.5m (h); 5 Nr Filters: 5.5m (h), pipework gallery 7.5 m (h); Backwash tank 3.5m (h); used washwater tank 3.5m (h) Dewatering building:8.8m (h); 2 Nr Washwater clarifiers: 7.0 m (h) 2 Nr sludge Thickening Tanks: 5.5m (h) Sludge Balance Tank:5.5m (h)Chemical dosing building 7.46m (h), pump building 4.7m (h) ESB substation with MCC room: 3.237m (h) Admin/Control Building 6.3m (h). The development will also include access and site roadways, parking and hardstanding areas, landscaping, external lighting, security fencing, drainage and all associated ancillary works and other enabling works.

This basically is a Point of Water extraction
This raises more Questions

How much water will this will take from the lake
Where is the water for, Local or National ( east coast )
Re: Removal of water from Lough Ree
20 October, 2017 10:03
Here it is:

Best regards
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Re: Removal of water from Lough Ree
28 October, 2017 11:31
It seems the Proposed water extraction from the inner lakes at Portaneena /Wineport is to be pumped to the Mullingar area !!!!
Not for Local use.
This would seem plausible as the feeder lake for Mullingar "Lough Owel" has all summer been and still is very low.
This worries me a little as this sets a dangerous precident

No worries when the water is high and there is water in abundance
When water levels are low will they still keep taking water.
Will the County Council maintain an exact agreed minimum water level

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