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GCD live-aboards

Posted by pat larkin 
GCD live-aboards
26 October, 2017 16:27
Whats the story with people living aboard boats in the GCD moorings?
I walk past here everyday, never seen any boats offloading waste-water. Are they plumbed into some underwater sewage pipe? Just wondering, as I dont see anyone using the pump-out facility. Dont tell me its like Lowtown... use your imagination.
Re: GCD live-aboards
27 October, 2017 09:44
Hi Pat,

My understanding is that vessels in GCD are required to demonstrate that they don't discharge effluent to the water body by having any marine toilets isolated by wiring the sea-cocks shut. That seems to be part of the licence terms. To what extent it's enforced is another question of course.

The boats are definitely not connected directly to the sewage system.

GMY Chang Sha
Re: GCD live-aboards
27 October, 2017 17:20
Hello Pat,
When you say waste water i assume you are refering to sewage. As regards GCD, all boats have been inspected by waterways Ireland officials to make sure that they have no operational Y valves that allow any sewage in to the canal, pump outs are supervised so that pumpout intervals are monitored. No compliance = no EMP = marching orders.
You can take this as fact from a horses mouth and not as hearsay.
WI even gave a recomendation of the capacity of holding tank based on how many live aboard. I wonder where else in Ireland that they have enforced so strenuously the rules.
Its probably high time that some kind of discharge rules were enforced/imposed right across the system as the only boats i have ever seen using pump outs in harbours on the shannon were hire boats.
But then Pat, like yoursef,maybe i have been walking past at the wrong time.
If you can manage to extract the times or dates when the pumpout facility i GCD might be open [as they are freely available everywhere else] from WI I would be in your debt.
I hope this comes close to clarifying the matter and you no longer have to labour under the burden of ''using your imagination''.
Best regards, Joe.
ps. if you need any more info on the regime that exists in GCD. by all means ask but please do not jump to conclusions.
Re: GCD live-aboards
07 November, 2017 15:46
We all pump out regularly, if you want to catch us in the act I'd recommend camping out with a tent right beside the poop pump.
I'll give you a wave when I'm over there next.
All the best.

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