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Photo for the owner

Posted by tomgadget/TEI 
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Photo for the owner
14 November, 2017 19:44
i took this phot on the 8th August this year. the boat was heading out of Castle Harbour. i was on my own boat "The Edward Isabella" with my mates tubing around my boat when the barge went by.
the owner can send me his/her email if they want a 23mb raw file of this boat .


Re: Photo for the owner
14 November, 2017 20:16
Hi Tom,

That's the Knocknagow aka the "Little Knock" - to distinguish it from the "Big Knock" that's lying in a creek up the Nore.

More about her here: []

Now belongs to Brian & Anne Goggin who live down Limerick way.

I've sent them an e-mail with the link.

Best Wishes,

GMY Chang Sha
Re: Photo for the owner
15 November, 2017 07:38
What a nice thing to do. It's often hard to get a picture of your own boat underway. Perhaps more of us should offer photos of other people's oats. Well done.
Re: Photo for the owner
17 November, 2017 22:37
Really Tony ? I for one don’t want photos of anyone’s oats, wild or otherwise! ! !

Don’t you hate predictive text !


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