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Green Canopy

Posted by Fergus Curtin 
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Green Canopy
06 March, 2018 09:55
Hi folks,

Apparently, it's now spring so it's time to start getting ready for season. My (once blue canvas) canopy is currently a murky shade of green due to considerable moss/algae growth. I've tried several cleaning products in the past (canopy cleaners, sail cleaners, bleach/mild soap mixture, etc), but none proved very effective at removing the gunk that an Irish winter can produce. In fact, on my previous boat, I've had to resort to power washing. This worked, but also weakened the fabric somewhat.

So, does anyone have any advice on the best way to clean these things? I've heard tell that Mosgo Green Remover does the trick but as it is for patios, I wonder if it may be too strong for fabric or if it would be harmful to aquatic life?

Thanks a lot,

Re: Green Canopy
06 March, 2018 10:18

There's a product called DF2 which you can get in more old fashioned hardware stores and places that cater to dairy farmers and the like. (I get it in McDonoghs in Galway). You dilute it with water (an egg-cup full in a bucket of water seems to be enough) scrub the surface, letting it soak for a bit but making sure to keep the surface wet with the solution all the time, scrub some more and then rinse off really well.
We've found it effective for the decks on Chang Sha which have grit embedded in the paint for grip.

You do need to rinse really well because the stuff will leave a residue otherwise and don't let it dry out on the surface.

It's main use is as a degreaser but it seems to work on green algae as well and it is said to be fairly environmentally benign because it is aimed at livestock and food processing.

Can't say how it would behave on fabric But I would think it worth testing on a small inconspicuous area to test. I've used it on the (admittedly very old) inflatable dinghy (PVC) with acceptable results and no obvious deterioration to the fabric.

Hope that helps,

GMY Chang Sha
Re: Green Canopy
07 March, 2018 10:02

This looks like a good option
Re: Green Canopy
07 March, 2018 14:09
Thanks Colin & Patrick.

Yeah, I actually ordered the Wet & Forget yesterday as it does seem that it's the right stuff for the job. My only concern was the warning that it is "Very toxic to aquatic organisms". I guess I'll just have to remove the canopy and treat it away from the boat.


Re: Green Canopy
09 March, 2018 09:26
Hi Fergus

I've been using a steam cleaner to clean mine. Even industrial detergent didn't too great a job, but a steam cleaner followed by a gentle jet wash has worked well for the last couple of years.



Re: Green Canopy
09 March, 2018 09:44
Hi Ian,

I never thought of that and it's a great idea. Will certainly give it a go.


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