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Brexit question

Posted by Joe Griffin 
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Brexit question
05 July, 2018 14:59
This is a serious question and not meant to start a political discussion.

We having been moving up towards the Erne over the summer and planned to possibly overwinter in Quivy or somewhere similar. But on looking at the charts I see that the SEW moves in and out of NI and hence the UK. Now I know that nobody knows what is going to happen with this Brexit thing (least of all it would seem the UK government at the moment!) but it does seem increasingly possible that the UK might crash out of the EU without any deal at all next March.

So I'm trying to get information and advice on what to do. I don't want to find that come next season there are issues moving our boat back home. Has the IWAI any advice or sought any legal or political advice? Which government minister should I contact in Dublin to get more information and advice if this is what folk suggest?

Apologies if this has already been discussed but I could not see anything in the forum. Maybe an article in the next IWN if there is advice out there. There seem to be many issues for members such as those in the Belturbet branch who want to move around what might now become a hard border.

Re: Brexit question
05 July, 2018 17:47
No one knows whats going to happen about the really important issues never mind the inland waterways. I'd have thought the prudent thing to do in view of the uncertainty would be to stay put and not go north.
Re: Brexit question
06 July, 2018 08:35
Duty free along the Woodford river?
Re: Brexit question
06 July, 2018 22:41
Soon to be renamed "Smuggler's Creek".....?!?

Re: Brexit question
07 July, 2018 09:40
There has never been any issue boating on the Erne and that includes long before UK and Ireland joined the EU. The Belturbet branch has been in existence for over 50 years. Crossing the border by boat will continue regardless of the Brexit outcome as any boating is covered by international laws. Continue towards the Erne and enjoy the trip. Quivvy is a great overwintering spot but you could also try Rowans, D'Arcys or Belturbet Boats on the River Erne.
Re: Brexit question
04 July, 2019 09:49
So we won't be able to buy duty-free booze at Crom then......???


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