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old tv screen as porthole

Posted by malcolm garland 
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old tv screen as porthole
16 February, 2019 17:48
Hi all
Has anyone any idea where I might source an old cathode ray perspex TV screen?
We need to replace the one on our barge which served as a skylight/porthole for many years but is now cracked.
Apparently when Phililps operated out of Clonskeagh, people use to get them there.
Its a long shot but maybe one of you out there know of somewhere I might get one!
Malcolm 34B Barge
Re: old tv screen as porthole
17 February, 2019 14:19
Hi Malcolm,
Cathode ray tv screens were made out of glass and were in one piece (ie front and back). What you're looking for is a "Blown Perspex" skylight. These are still available but you may have trouble with dimensions. Googling them should find one.
All the best
Re: old tv screen as porthole
18 February, 2019 09:46
Williaam Cox make dome skylights in a range of sizes. Friend of mine used to work for them and got me a couple for a camper van conversion I was doing. Think they are still in business somewhere in Clondalkin area.

Re: old tv screen as porthole
18 February, 2019 12:50
Hi Malcolm,

I presume what you are looking for is not the TV screen itself but the perspex guard that went in front of the old picture tubes. I seem to remember that at least one of the other barges that was converted back in the 1960s had a whole slew of those guards as the cabin windows.

I have seen videos on U-Tube of people making those kinds of shapes by heating the material and stretching it over a suitable former. Maybe if the shape isn't too complex that would be worth a try ?

Best Wishes,

GMY Chang Sha
Re: old tv screen as porthole
18 February, 2019 15:40
Thanks everyone...I think I'll just pop off to my local glazier and get some flat perspex!

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