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MN#24/19 - ALL NAVIGATIONS (Esp. ROYAL) - Invasive species alert

Posted by Colin Becker 
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MN#24/19 - ALL NAVIGATIONS (Esp. ROYAL) - Invasive species alert
20 March, 2019 14:33

The attached Marine Notice just in from Waterways Ireland

Best Wishes,

GMY Chang Sha
MARINE NOTICE No 24 of 2019
All Navigations – particularly Royal Canal

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all users of a large invasive rodent species that are highly damaging to River, Lake and Canal banks have been possibly sighted on the Royal Canal near Ashtown, Dublin.

[i]Yellow/orange front teeth, webbed feet, white muzzle (Shutterstock)
Up to 1m long (Eamonn Brennan)[/i]
The Coypu:

• Are highly invasive impacting on wildlife, river and canal bank stability and is a pest of agriculture crops.
• Eradication programmes can cost several millions of euro and are not always successful.
• Carry a number of diseases of importance to humans and domestic animals.
• Is a EU Regulated species of Union concern with trade, transport and reproduction restrictions in place [No.1143/2014]
• Recent potential sighting of a Coypu in Cork City in 2017 and more recently on the Royal Canal in Ashtown Dublin in March 2019, raises concern of further spread.

What does it look like?
• Large semi-aquatic rodent up to 1 meter in head to tail length.
• Features same in juveniles.
• It can weigh 5-9kg.
• It has webbed hind feet.
• Dark fur often with lighter ends and has a white muzzle,
• Has long cylindrical tail (not fur tail like otter) and small slightly protruding ears.
• Distinctive features are large bright orange-yellow incisor (front) teeth usually visible.
• Coypu are generally found near permanent water.

Please do not confuse it with the Common otter (shown below)

[i]Source: Otter[/i]


Please keep a look out for these creatures along the waterways and especially along the Royal Canal at Ashtown and report sightings with photographs to any of the following below:

• Waterways Ireland Environment Section 061-922141
• NPWS at or your local National Parks and Wildlife ranger with details of location/date; a photo if available or
• or
• or

For more information:
Date issued: May, 2017 V 1.0

Patrick Harkin
Inspector of Navigation
20 March 2019
Tel: 353 90 6494232


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Re: MN#24/19 - ALL NAVIGATIONS (Esp. ROYAL) - Invasive species alert
20 March, 2019 17:19
I have a notion that these critters invaded many years ago. I think there was some thought they might be a useful food animal - not sure about that bit. Anyway they escaped, somewhere in Tipperary maybe and there was a bounty put on them and they were all trapped and killed.

GMY Chang Sha
Re: MN#24/19 - ALL NAVIGATIONS (Esp. ROYAL) - Invasive species alert
20 March, 2019 21:40
Apparently not all....


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