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IWAI's new project: Nav-Watch

Posted by Ciaran Clinton 
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IWAI's new project: Nav-Watch
21 March, 2019 14:21
Greetings all

Some of you may have seen some social media activity plugging the project, but for the benefit of those of you not on facebook I'd like to use the forum to keep you updated.

What is Nav-Watch?

In recent years, those of us who have used the Grand, Royal or Barrow navigations have a sense the condition of the navigation was deteriorating. In the 2018 autumn season some of us sat down to discuss these issues, and thought, how can we go about improving things in a specific and measurable way? Gradually over time (and maybe a beer or two????) an idea percolated through - if only we could collate all the issues boaters encountered, put it in a report and give it to Waterways Ireland so they can fix the issues. Great! lets do that.... but then it dawned on us, second hand information can be like fisherman’s tails, we needed to come up with way to capture reliable data. And so, the idea of the survey came to fruition.

The Nav-Watch project is an inter branch initiative of Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI). The project has been widely supported by all including Waterways Ireland who are very keen to improve and maintain these historic navigations. However, the survey is only as good as the data that it captures. We have created the platform to collate all the issues but we need the users of the canals and Barrow to log issues which are encountered enroute.
We also need you folks to spread the word, let people know what we are trying to do. Support our project, use the survey and lets try improve things, if they improve, more people will use them. If you have any queries, or want to know more, let us know.

Use the survey in the link >

We almost have our webpage finished and will have presence in the IWAI projects section.

All feedback, comments and issues welcome.
Bye for now.

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