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Advice Appreciated

Posted by Graham 
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Advice Appreciated
22 March, 2019 14:25
Hi Everyone,
This is my first time post. I just picked up a 17ft Speed Boat & 100Hp 2 Stoke Outboard with 25 Liter Tank and am planning to use the boat for occasional daytrips up and down the Shannon. I'm Ballinasloe based so the Suck will provide me with access to the Shannon via a small slipway in Coreen Ford whenever the flood waters subside. Could I ask what kind of range or distance could be expected to be covered in such a boat and how long is it advisable to run such engines continuously ? If things work out well this year my plan is to purchase a 3 or 4 Berth Cruiser to take longer runs up the Shannon. Despite being a speed boat it is quite roomy so will suffice for the daytrips I have planned. Any advice or recommendations of places to visit will be very welcome.
Re: Advice Appreciated
22 March, 2019 17:55
17 foot and 100HP !

Not many places on the Shannon where you could use that. 20HP more than sufficient. Might be economical enough to have a decent range, too.

4 Berth cruiser sounds much more sense.

Tom K (Sailboat Scimitar)
Re: Advice Appreciated
23 March, 2019 12:31
Hi Graham,

No doubt a powerboat branch member will have good advice.

Once you are out of the river suck and onto the lakes there is a plenty of space for getting onto the plane.


If no reply on here send an email to I'm sure they will be helpful
Re: Advice Appreciated
23 March, 2019 18:53
[quote Patrick H]Hi Graham,

No doubt a powerboat branch member will have good advice.

Once you are out of the river suck and onto the lakes there is a plenty of space for getting onto the plane.


If no reply on here send an email to I'm sure they will be helpful[/quote]

If a person wants to turn petrol into noise then a 100hp engine on a 17ft boat is the way to go.

And burning tens of litres of petrol per hour just for the blast is totes good for the environment.

I'd say so anyway.
Re: Advice Appreciated
23 March, 2019 22:00
Pay him no mind, Graham, he's just full of wind........

Re: Advice Appreciated
24 March, 2019 16:15
Enter the argument, Power vs. Wind.

Wind will get you round the Globe for a ha'porth of fuel, Lord knows what a 100HP outboard consumes per hour, 'coz without it you're going nowhere.

I admit to having bought a very powerful motor car in my 'youth', but after a very short time I'd had quite enough of it and changed to a quieter more cosseting conveyance.
In Germany an acquaintance at the local marina took us for a spin in his 'Flitzer', complete with 5.7 liter Mercedes Benz V8. After a near-60Knot belt up the local river estuary (Veser near Bremerhaven) What then?

Part of the growing-up process, but real satisfaction comes only with quieter miles covered on minimal fuel.

Tom K ( Rowboat 'Caiomhe-Elizabeth')
Re: Advice Appreciated
24 March, 2019 20:13
[quote Tillerman53]Pay him no mind, Graham, he's just full of wind........[/quote]

Thanks TM for that kind comment. smiling smiley

Breakaway sailed to Mountshannon this morning with three on board.

A brisk beat to windward with four or five tacks got us to Mountshannon.

Because of the uncertainty re lunch in MS we brought lunch with us.

A following wind gave us a fast sail back to Dromineer public harbour where Breakaway is based until levels drop.

We saw one other yacht under sail, a couple of speed boats and no motor cruisers.

Best to all,

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Re: Advice Appreciated
24 March, 2019 21:43
Knowing you, John, as soon as you cleared the breakwater at Dromineer you gunned the iron genny, pressing your crew into their seats & headrests while Breakaway got up on her foils and made straight for M'shannon at Warp speed.
It's no wonder so many people want to come along for the thrill & I bet the other mobo skippers in the area are dead jealous.
Saturday was the better day, but today there was more wind, if somewhat chilly. Glad you had a good sail.

I just did the galley-slavery thing, totally unpaid and the conditions were good.

Tom K. (Rowboat 'Sea Lynx')
Re: Advice Appreciated
25 March, 2019 10:18
Hi Graham,
Sorry to see that your first posting got "blown off course"(pls excuse the windy reference !) but you will see that some of these folk are very passionate about their wind power……

Now, back on course again.....:-)

100Hp on the back of a 17ft is indeed quite a lump and if you're not familiar with powerboats would need to be handled with respect.

Very hard to gauge range as it is dependent on so many factors eg way boat is driven, sea conditions, load on board, prop style, trim etc. However, as a very rough guide(pls don't call me if you run out earlier than expected !!!) I would be guessing that driven at around 20kts you would be likely to get less than an hour out of 25Ltrs ie Less than 1mile per litre, less if you drive her faster. I would suggest you will need at least one more spare interchangeable 25L tank. I have a 6.3Mtr RIB with a 150 HP Optimax and it has 2 x 75L tanks. Second part of your question, there should be no limit to how long a well running outboard can be run for.

If you are a member of the IWAI you can apply to join the Powerboat Branch Facebook page which can be a good source of information for powerboaters. Also if you are a first time boater you may not be aware that you need to register your boat with Waterways Ireland(not to be confused with IWAI). Also you should get your hand on a set of Shannon navigation charts which will also have a summary of the Bylaws applicable to the Shannon, important to know these....Navigation charts available on IWAI website.

Many powerboat users will also avail of a formal powerboat training course offered by a number of organisations along the Shannon.

Richard Ellis

Virginia Lady
Re: Advice Appreciated
27 March, 2019 17:55
Thanks Richard, Patrick & to everyone else that replied,

You have provided valuable information. My plans are to buy a 4 berth cruiser in time( maybe next season) but for this year at least I'm stationed abroad with work most of the time so my trips to the rivers will be for only weekends and that's one of the reasons I picked such boat. Also I'm not planning to plow up and down the Shannon at full throttle, my car is capable of over 140 mph but that doesn't mean I have to do it so even with a 17ft with 100hp I can just as easily take it handy. The boat is very roomy with very comfy seats so will fit the daytrip bill nicely. I realise that petrol costs are going to be expensive but that's not too much of a concern to be honest with the amount of hours its going to be used for. Also thanks Richard for the fuel tank advice, I have bought a second tank and also a place nearby where a friend will let me store more petrol if needed. I have also purchased the charts you mentioned and joined IWAI & registered the boat too. My next plan is to sit the SRC course and get a VHF radio along with the necessary license as I want to play it safe especially on the lakes. If you guys have any more advice please let me know as all of it will be greatly received.
Re: Advice Appreciated
28 March, 2019 22:32
Hi Graham,
great to hear all of the above. Wishing you many happy and safe days of boating on the Shannon.

If you require any further information pls feel free to post here, PM me and/or join the Powerboat branch Facebook page.

Richard Ellis

Virginia Lady

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