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Black Lough

Posted by noel dunne 
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Black Lough
17 April, 2019 09:56
Hi Folks
Derg rally is anchoring out in Black Lough this year. We have not been before and my trusty crew and I are wondering what treats are in store for a couple of 10 year olds and a grandad any photos would be good
Regards Noel
Re: Black Lough
17 April, 2019 11:27
Hi Noel,

My memory is of all the cruisers rafted together at anchor in the middle of a circular lagoon and all the barges rafted together with their bows stuck in the reeds and a lot of silly games in the water. Mind you, it was very hot and even I was was compelled to get into the water. Something that happens about once every 25 years - less frequently on a voluntary basis!

In the evening there were sing-songs on the boats and folks going backwards and forwards visiting each other.

A very enjoyable day in the Black Lough.

GMY Chang Sha
Re: Black Lough
17 April, 2019 16:40
Hi Noel, Photo attached of barge raft on Derg Rally 2013.
As Colin said, sultry evening in a sheltered spot.


Tinca Tinca

Re: Black Lough
18 April, 2019 19:31
Colin and Pat
Thank you for the replies and photo. It is going to be a struggle to get Mollie ship shape in time but we will be there even if we have to row her
Regards Noel
Re: Black Lough
20 April, 2019 20:42
Hi Noel,

Black Lough is a gem not to be missed, but Derg Rally has a serious towing tradition so don't allow the ten year olds worry too much,

Re: Black Lough
21 April, 2019 22:02
[quote joe treacy]Hi Noel,

Black Lough is a gem not to be missed, but [b]Derg Rally has a serious towing tradition[/b] so don't allow the ten year olds worry too much,[/quote]


PS: Seriously Black Lough is well worth a night or two swinging on the hook (good holding). Surrounded by reeds so very safe, and unaffected by the winds on on the main Lough. Slight bar at the entrance but easily negotiated (ie just past the two wooden stakes). There is a hydrodare plastic water pipe across part of the tiny lakelet, which we once picked up with our anchor. 10yos will love the Derg rally.

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