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MN#34/19 - ERNE SYSTEM - Litter Collection Trial

Posted by Colin Becker 
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MN#34/19 - ERNE SYSTEM - Litter Collection Trial
23 April, 2019 13:53

The attached Marine Notice just in from Waterways Ireland

Best Wishes,

GMY Chang Sha
MARINE NOTICE No 34 of 2019
Erne System

[u][b]New Trial Initiative by Fermanagh & Omagh District Council – Visitor Litter Collection Points[/b][/u]

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners of vessels of the following notice by Fermanagh & Omagh District Council for a new initiative in waste management which relates to the Erne System.

[b]New Trial Initiative – Visitor Litter Collection Points[/b]

Over the past few years, Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has invested heavily in the provision of extensive waste disposal facilities across the district to protect and sustainably manage the environment. This provision has also been designed to encourage residents of and visitors to the district to dispose and recycle their waste through the appropriate facilities. Despite this investment, the Council spent £1.76 million last year in providing Street Cleansing and dealing with litter and fly-tipping.

Unfortunately, the Council has experienced in recent years, particularly during spells of good weather, significant increases in littering and fly-tipping of rubbish at most of our prominent beauty spots.

The litter bins provided across the District for the disposal of litter i.e. small items of waste was not designed for, nor has the capacity to deal with the disposal of commercial (business) waste or household waste. A significant number of sites are unfortunately frequently abused by members of the Public with some sites requiring servicing up to three times daily to remove litter and rubbish. This places strain in the existing Street Cleansing resources and budget as well as creating a negative impact and impression of the local area.

Visitors to our District such as boat users and motor homes generate waste that should be brought home for disposal via the household kerbside bin collection service or to any of the recycling centres across the district. Visitors using hire boats or motor homes should return waste to the hire company to dispose of through its commercial waste disposal arrangements.

The Council supports and encourages the 'Leave No Trace' principle, however the reality faced by the Council is that this principle is not accepted by all the public. Litter bins therefore need to be provided and if a litter bin is full, members of the public should take their litter home to prevent it from creating a mess and posing a health risk to residents and wildlife.

The Council also recognises that some of our visitors who do not have access to the existing household collection or Civic Amenity facilities, require a disposal point which has the capacity to deal with the significant waste generated particularly over spells of good weather and Bank Holiday periods.

Working in partnership with Waterways Ireland, the Council has developed and proposed a trial scheme Visitor Litter Collection Points scheme.

This trial scheme proposes the installation of three collection point locations at Bellanaleck Marina, Lakeland Forum and Round O park. These collection points will each contain 10 bins, 5 for recyclable waste and 5 for general waste. The bins are contained within a steel unit and signage will be displayed on the outside of the units to indicate their purpose.

[i]New Visitor Litter Disposal Point[/i]

It is hoped that these dedicated collection points will collate the disposal of visitor litter to both assist existing resources and reduce the amount of litter and waste left behind at remote sites.

If successful, FODC plan to roll out the introduction of additional ‘Visitor Litter Collection Points’ at busy tourist locations throughout the district.

Waterways Ireland encourages all users of the Erne System to co-operate with this important initiative by adhering to the Council’s advice set out in the notice above.

P Harkin
Inspector of Navigation
23 April 2019

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