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Cruiser Onwnership

Posted by Graham 
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Cruiser Onwnership
03 May, 2019 13:02
Can I ask the forum for advice on Cruiser Ownership.
I have recently bought a speed boat which is great fun but the lure
owning a cruiser is proving hard to resist. I’m looking at a number of cruisers
2 of which are 30ft steel cruisers and I’m hoping you guys can give me an idea
of the costs associated with running and owning one. My first question is I work
Abroad on a week on week off basis so I will be home in Ireland seven out of 14 days so
What are my options for mooring for this time line and what’s the most cost effective method.
My home town is Ballinasloe ( Ballinasloe, Shannonbridge, Shannon Harbor are all close)so I’m hoping to leave it moored the weeks I’m away and hit the water
when I return. Also what and where are the options for winter mooring ? I’m trying to put together
how much it will cost to own it and as always any Advice is more than welcome.

Kind Regards
Re: Cruiser Onwnership
03 May, 2019 13:36
Hi Graham,
You will not be able to leave you boat in the public harbours / moorings during the summer.
You can only stay for 5 consecutive days, and 7 in any month for any particular harbour.
Although you can pay a fairly nominal fee for winter mooring the current regime is to turn off power and water supplies so you really do need to sort out some proper mooring in a private harbour - at least for the summer and all year round if you will be requiring electricity to be guaranteed.
I am not particularly familiar with the private harbours in that area but someone who is should come along soon.
best regards,
Re: Cruiser Onwnership
03 May, 2019 13:44
Hi Brian,

Thanks for that, can anyone advise on private harbours/moorings and costs associated ?
Re: Cruiser Onwnership
04 May, 2019 10:11
[quote Graham]Hi Brian,

Thanks for that, can anyone advise on private harbours/moorings and costs associated ?[/quote]

Hi Graham, typically a private marina berth on the Shannon costs anywhere between €1k and €2k depending on boat length and location, facilities, etc. Noel
Re: Cruiser Onwnership
04 May, 2019 13:31
Thanks for that info much appreciated

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