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Posted by Sea Foot 
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10 June, 2019 07:44
Hello all.

I'm currently looking to buy and live on a narrowboat. I was wondering if there are many people that live aboard and cruise the waterways. I understand that facilities like water are few and far between and would like to know if it is feasible to live the life on the water. Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Re: Narrowboating
10 June, 2019 07:49

This is a good starting point
Re: Narrowboating
10 June, 2019 14:39
Narrowboats are not as common in Ireland as they are in UK. You are more likely to see "widebeam" barges, usually 10' wide by 45'-55' long. These are more suitable for the Shannon, Erne and the larger lakes. Also, constant cruising is less common, as access for bank mooring is limited.

Re: Narrowboating
10 June, 2019 19:23
Thanks Patrick and Tm53. Have joined the Fb group and will peruse the site. I understand that narrowboats are less common over here but was wondering if it is at all feasible to do so.
Re: Narrowboating
11 June, 2019 08:18
oops double post

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Re: Narrowboating
11 June, 2019 13:18
Lots of vessels cruise contiously during the summer and moorup for the winter
Bank moorings extend the length of the navigation just bring your own water and food
Re: Narrowboating
09 July, 2019 10:58
Hi, Im not sure how many people live on narrowboats. Its very hard to find descent information but it is very feasible to live and cruise on one. It might be hard to find one in Ireland (if you do they are usually very overpriced). There is great selection in the UK. Try get something as close to 60ft as you can. Enjoy!

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