Issued Feb 9, 2015


Election 2016 – Canal Bill Pledge

IWAI request election candidates to pledge their support for an IWAI call for provision to be made for new canal bye-laws via a dedicated Canal Bill during the next Dáil when possible rather than including any future legislation in a joint Bill such as the Heritage bill 2016. Furthermore, in developing The Canal (Amendment) Bill 2017 that recognition be given to the canal users, canal communities and Local Authorities adjoining the canals by way of pre- legislative consultation and scrutiny. This approach would be in line with Government reform and best practice.

First Pledges received                                                                            PDF DOWNLOAD

Roderic O’Gorman Dublin West GP
Kieran Adam Quigley Dublin South West IND
Sean Haughy Dublin Bay North FF
Paul Hand Dublin South Central IND
Tracy McElhinney Meath West LAB
Teresa Ryan-Feehan Offaly IND
Maebh Ni Fhalluin Kildare North GP
Emmet Stagg Kildare North LAB
Anna Doyle Wicklow AAA-PBP
Bobby Aylward Carlow-Kilkenny FF
Shirley Griffin Cork North West CPPC
Margaret Sheehan Mayo GP
Cormac Devlin Dun Laoghaire FF
Marcella Corcoran Kennedy Offaly FG
Michael Fitzgerald Kerry GP
Michael O’Dowd Louth RN
Jim O’Connell Cork South Central AAA-PBP
Malcolm Noonan Carlow/Kilkenny GP
Ronan McMahon Dublin South West REN
Joe Hannigan Offaly IND
Barry Cowen Offaly FF
John Foley Offaly IND
Aengus Melia Galway East DDI-NCM
Frank O’Rourke Kildare North FF
James Lawless Kildare North FF
Cormac Manning Cork North West GP
Declan Crowe Kildare South IND
Lorna Bogue Cork South Central GP
John Whelan Laois LAB
Mark Wall Kildare South LAB
Brendan Young Kildare North IND
Kate Bopp Offaly IND
Paul Hogan Longford/Westmeath SF
Manchan Magan Longford/Westmeath GP
Connie Gerrity Quinn Longford/Westmeath FF
Bernard Durkan Kildare North FG
Michael O’Brien Dublin Bay North AAA-PBP
Eugene Murphy Roscommon/Galway FF
Aisling O’Neill Meath East SD
Niamh O’Brien Clare FN
Christopher Fettes Offaly GP
Peter Burke Longford/Westmeath FG
Cieran Perry Dublin Central IND
Conor Mac Liam Carlow/Kilkenny AAA-PBP
Donal Corcoran Kerry REN
Averil Power Dublin Bay North IND
Andrew Keegan Dublin North West AAA-PBP
Peter Fitzpatrick Dublin South West IND
Sean O Fearghail Kildare South FF
Finian McGrath Dublin Bay North IND
Caroline Conroy Dublin North West GP
Joe O’Brien Dublin Fingal GP
Oisin O hAlmhain Dublin South Central GP
Gearoid Fitzgibbon Tipperary GP
Eddie Conroy Roscommon/Galway AAA-PBP
Catherine Martin Dublin Rathdown GP
Fiona Mcloughlin-Healy Kildare South FG
Steven Matthews Wicklow GP
Barry Martin Dublin Fingal AAA-PBP
Micheal Callaghan Cavan/Monaghan GP
Oliver Moran Cork North Central GP
Catherine Murphy Kildare North SD
Anthony Lawlor Kildare North FG
Diana O Dwyer Dublin Central AAA-PBP
Eddie Fitzpatrick Offaly FF
Carol Nolan Offaly SF
Paul Murphy Dublin South West AAA-PBP
Ken Smollen Offaly IDP
Ian Noel Smyth Dublin Central GP
John Leahy Offaly REN
Reada Cronin Kildare North SF
Robert Troy Longford/Westmeath FF
Gerry Adams Louth SF
Niall O Tuathail Galway West SD
Thomas Byrne Meath East FF
James Bannon Longford/Westmeath FG
Paul Gogarty Dublin Mid West IND
James Morgan Longford-Westmeath IND
Willie Penrose Longford-Westmeath LAB

The Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI) has issued a public invitation to all candidates in the upcoming election to pledge their support for an IWAI call for provision to be made for new canal bye-laws via a dedicated Canal Bill during the next Dáil. Support for this on- line pledge will help ensure that adequate byelaws are legislated for that will encourage the use and growth of the canals and be centered on the communities, users, and tourism.