Keeping you up to date every step of the way

IWAI visually records the rebuild of Dunrovin

Over the coming months, we want to share with members the progress of the building of our new clubhouse and the new lifeboat station. Eighty percent of our information comes through our eyes and we are taking advantage of the amazing digital tools we’ve been given to tell our story

With the current restrictions in place, it will not be possible to visit the Dunrovin site so we thought we would bring Dunrovin to you, so you can experience the historic build on multiple levels.

Brian Fitzgerald IWAI Carrick has generously agreed to take a series of photographs of Dunrovin sharing his perspective and providing members with a greater understanding and insight about the place.

It is important to preserve our cultural heritage because it keeps our integrity as an organisation. The site was generously bequeathed to our association and we, in turn, are sharing our fortune with the RNLI to enable them to build a permanent lifeboat station with a ninety-nine-year long-term lease on a section of the site of their choosing.

Our Association has always taken a long term view of the projects we undertake. We understand the significance of history and one hundred years from now, these images will join our archives for future generations.

As we regenerate the Dunrovin site and honour our waterways heritage we will also provide a time-based narrative of the build through a construction time-lapse camera which will be placed at a strategic location on the site recording the progress of the development.

Entrance avenue to Dunrovin

This is the long avenue entrance to Dunrovin from the road, down to the old house after the undergrowth and some trees were cleared. The trees frame the approach down to the building and the lake beyond.  This avenue entrance will remain, as will the majority of the trees in the new build. Photo is by Brian Fitzgerald IWAI Carrick.