IWAI Kildare promote and support

  • the use, maintenance and development of the inland waterways of Kildare
  • the restoration to good order and maintenance in good order of Kildare canals
  • the re-opening of disused waterways and the fullest use of Kildare canals by both commercial and recreational traffic, provided such is not injurious to the environmental health of the waterways and surrounding areas
  • any proposal which may be calculated to maintain or improve Kildare waterways
  • the improvement of the navigations, moorings and other works on and adjacent to the waterways

We oppose by appropriate action

  • the abandonment or neglect of Kildare canals
  • the pollution of our waterways
  • the obstruction of canals by fixed bridges, aqueducts, overhead cables or otherwise
  • the obstruction of towpaths, or any other action calculated to injure or destroy the navigation or amenities of the canals in Kildare

Working in collaboration with other IWAI Groups and other Organisations, having similar and sympathetic aims, we

  • contribute to guide books, charts, maps and other literature for use by those using the canals
  • foster interest in and knowledge of Kildare canals by distributing information to our members and the public
  • organise visits for our members to places of interest on the waterways including water-borne journeys
  • advance navigation knowledge, by encouraging through education, the skill and practice of boating and all safety aspects of boating
  • safeguard the natural environment by encouraging environmental protection and sustainability in and around boating
  • advance waterways education and heritage through assisting in the restoration and maintenance of canals and canal infrastructure in Kildare, for the use and education of the general public
  • promote safety on the waterways and advocate the interests of IWAI in all matters pertaining to Kildare Canals

IWAI Constitution Nov 2021 

Direction for IWAI Kildare

During a Round Table discussion held in 2019, attendees set forth a direction for IWAI Kildare, over the next 3-5 years.  This took the form of a prioritised set of objectives with some suggested actions on how to deliver these objectives. 

  Objective Action
1 Open Corbally Canal Public relations campaign – print, on-line and graphic
    Talk to TDs and Councillors
2 Raise profile of IWAI Kildare Interact with stakeholders
    Improve Branding
3 Hold Branch Open Day Advertise ++
3 Continue to enjoy boating, etc Run good boat rallies
    Run small boat rallies – Pollardstown, Corbally
4 Increase Liveaboard members Engage with Liveaboard communities
    Offer discounted fee for first-time members
4 Examine, photograph and record weed and other issues on canals Engage with NavWatch

Take a look at some of our past Events and this year’s Calendar.  

Kildare Waterways

Kildare waterways

IWAI promote safety on the water and the wearing of an appropriate PFD

Personal Flotation Devices for Adults and Children – Guidelines