IWAI AGM 2019 – Naas – May 11

Reminder to all IWAI Members

The IWAI’s AGM will take place on Saturday, May 11 2019 at 11am, in the Osprey Hotel, Devoy Quarter, Naas, County Kildare

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s AGM which is being facilitated and co-hosted by IWAI Kildare.


  1. Minutes of 2018 AGM
  2. Matters arising from Minutes
  3. Items for AOB
  4. President’s Report
  5. Presentation of Accounts and Hon Treasurer’s Report
  6. Appointment of Auditors
  7. Election of Directors
  8. Election of Council Members
  9. Presentation of Endeavour Award


Please remember to bring a copy of the AGM documentation with you, as printed copies will not be available on the day.  They are available to members on the IWAI website.

Coypu or Otter – Invasive Species Alert – WI MN 24/2019 UPDATE

UPDATE Mar 22: 

Earlier this week Waterways Ireland received notification of an unconfirmed report from the National Biodiversity Data Centre via National Parks and Wildlife Services of a Coypu on the Royal Canal. We are obliged to take this seriously, given the potential implications posed by a Coypu presence on Irish waterways. All evidence now leads us to believe that this was a case of mistaken identity and the report was likely that of native Otter, which are present on the Royal Canal.

As there is a legal obligation to remove such invasive species from the wild, Waterways Ireland will continue to work closely with National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the National Biodiversity Data Centre (NBDC). The public are encouraged to contact NBDC ( with any record of the invasive Coypu, preferably with a confirmation photo, if they happen to come across this species on any waterbody

                  European Otter (Lutra lutra)

                      Coypu (Myocaster Coypus)









MARINE NOTICE  No 24 of 2019 – All Navigations – particularly Royal Canal – [Note:  See Alert Notice from NBDC with photos at the end of this Marine Notice]


Waterways Ireland wishes to advise all users of a large invasive rodent species that are highly damaging to River, Lake and Canal banks have been possibly sighted on the Royal Canal near Ashtown, Dublin.

Yellow/orange front teeth, webbed feet, white muzzle (Shutterstock) Up to 1m long (Eamonn Brennan)

The Coypu:

* Are highly invasive impacting on wildlife, river and canal bank stability and is a pest of agriculture crops.
* Eradication programmes can cost several millions of euro and are not always successful.
* Carry a number of diseases of importance to humans and domestic animals.
* Is a EU Regulated species of Union concern with trade, transport and reproduction restrictions in place    [No.1143/2014]
* Recent potential sighting of a Coypu in Cork City in 2017 and more recently on the Royal Canal in Ashtown Dublin in March 2019, raises concern of further spread.

What does it look like?
* Large semi-aquatic rodent up to 1 meter in head to tail length.
* Features same in juveniles.
* It can weigh 5-9kg.
* It has webbed hind feet.
* Dark fur often with lighter ends and has a white muzzle,
* Has long cylindrical tail (not fur tail like otter) and small slightly protruding ears.
* Distinctive features are large bright orange-yellow incisor (front) teeth usually visible.
* Coypu are generally found near permanent water.

Please do not confuse it with the Common otter (shown below) Source: Otter


Please keep a look out for these creatures along the waterways and especially along the Royal Canal at Ashtown and report sightings with photographs to any of the following below:
Waterways Ireland Environment Section 061-922141
NPWS at or your local National Parks and Wildlife ranger with details of location/date; a photo if available  or or [1] or

For more information:  Date issued: May, 2017 V 1.0

Patrick Harkin
Inspector of Navigation
20 March 2019
Tel:  353 90 6494232

Roundtable discussion – IWAI Kildare members – Mar 24


IWAI Kildare members are invited to attend a roundtable discussion from 2 to 5 pm on Sunday 24 March 2019, in Confey GAA Club premises.  The aim of the discussion is to elicit members’ views on the shape and function of IWAI Kildare over the next 3 to 5 years. 

During the afternoon we will review current objectives, identify new objectives and, hopefully, identify how they will be delivered.  This will not be a routine monthly meeting and it will not be a lecture, but is designed to receive your positive suggestions and contributions and to be forward looking.  The roundtable will be facilitated by Colin Becker. 

Refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon.  We look forward to many members participating in this important step in setting the future direction of IWAI Kildare.   

Please contact Kieran Baker at before Friday 22 if you will be attending.

GPS Co-ordinates for Confey GAA, Leixlip are 53.375559/6.482652

Kildare Greenway – approved – Mar 13

Peter Carey, CEO, has recommended that Kildare County Council approve the proposed Greenway, with some modifications.

These modifications take into consideration the changes submitted by IWAI Kildare, whose primary objective is to keep the navigation right of way open and safe for boats and their crews. 

There is one lifting bridge proposed in the new version “subject to consultation with Waterways Ireland and Canal user groups.” 

Waterways Ireland Funding for 2019 – Mar 3

Minister Madigan in her opening remarks to the Dáil Select Committee on March 6 2019,  confirmed the overall allocation for 2019 from the ROI Government to Waterways Ireland is €25.1m.  [This represents €20,737,000 in Current Funding and €4,380,000 in Capital Funding]

The Current Funding for 2019 is €.7m less than the Funding in 2002 and €5.8m less than in 2011. 

in €000’s




Current from ROI (85%)




Over 90% of the waterways remained open during the 2019 [Editor:  Typo?  2018]  boating season. The programme of towpath redevelopment along 140km of the Royal Canal continued throughout the year as did work to extend navigation on the Ulster Canal from Upper Lough Erne to Castle Saunderson with the completion of a bypass canal channel and new bridge at Derrykerrib. Waterways Ireland successfully hosted the 2018 World Canals Conference in Athlone with 320 delegates attending from 12 countries, 48 speakers and 7 tours taking in 11 counties and 5 navigations.

Taken from Speaking Notes for Ms. Josepha Madigan, TD, Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Planning your Green & Silver route in 2019 – WI Notices

The following WI 2019 Marine notices cover boat passages in and out of Dublin, Newcomen Bridge lift times and problems on the Royal Canal. 


MARINE NOTICE No 14 of 2019

Waterways Ireland wish to remind masters and owners of boat passage arrangements in or out of Dublin on the Royal & Grand Canals in 2019. Movements in or out of the city will be organised by prior arrangement to take place as a single movement in one day. Boaters will be facilitated to travel the system if their passage is considered to be safe by Waterways Ireland and they have the valid permit(s) for mooring and passage.

In order to plan the necessary lock assistance for movements east of Lock 12 on either canal, Masters are requested to contact the Waterways Ireland Eastern Regional Office (M-F 9.30am-4.30pm) on Tel: ++353-(0)1-868-0148 or email prior to making passage. At time of making contact please advise the following details:

– Length, beam, water & air drafts of your craft (provide approximates if don’t have exact dimensions)
– Phone / email contact details
– Permit number and expiry date of current canal permit

On the Grand Canal a minimum of two days’ notice prior to planned passage must be given and, with the exception of pre-arranged events, a maximum of 2 boats per day will be taken through the locks, travelling either East or West. In certain circumstances, e.g. for slower or larger barges, the limit will be 1 boat per day. Due to periodic anti-social activity along some of canal route into Dublin, boat passage will also not be possible in certain weather conditions and at weekends over the late spring & summer period. This can be planned for at time of making contact, and suitable arrangements for passage made.

On the Royal Canal, two weeks’ notice of bridge passage (Newcomen Lifting Bridge) is required for the pre-set lift date, and lock assistance will then also be arranged. A minimum of 2 boats is required for a bridge lift to go ahead. The pre-set lift dates are set out in Marine Notice 13 of 2019.

Masters and owners are also reminded to ensure that they have the following before making the passage through the city locks on both canals. Waterways Ireland reserves the right to postpone passage to another day if all of these are not in place.

– adequate fuel on board
– competent and adequate crew to operate the boat and locks (minimum crew of 3)
– a lock key on board their boat
– mooring lines of adequate length to handle vessel through a lock (approx.15m length)
– no known mechanical problems with their boat

Passages can only be arranged in the boating season from mid-March to end of October. Also note that aquatic weed is generally more prevalent as the season progresses beyond Spring and may hamper passage. Boaters will be facilitated as far as practicable although Waterways Ireland cannot guarantee that passage will be possible on every planned date. Early contact will greatly assist planning and facilitate the making of the necessary arrangements.

Patrick Harkin
Inspector of Navigation
19 Feb 2019


MARINE NOTICE No 13 of 2019

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise that the provisional schedule of bridge lift dates 2019 for Newcomen Bridge, Royal Canal, Dublin is as follows:

Thursday 25th April 11am-1pm
Sunday 5th May 9am-1pm
Saturday 1st June 9am-1pm
Tuesday 25th June 11am-1pm
Thursday 25th July 11am-1pm
Thursday 22nd August 11am-1pm
Tuesday 8th October 11am-1pm


1. Arrangements have been made for Iarnród Éireann to open the bridge on the above dates / times, if there is demand.

2. Waterways Ireland Eastern Regional Office (Tel: +353(0)1 868 0148 or ) require 2 weeks’ notice from boaters for use of these lifts. Should there not be a demand (min 2 boats) for a particular date, Iarnród Éireann will be notified by WI that the scheduled lift is cancelled.

3. A maximum number of boats passing will be implemented to keep to the times given above for the planned lifts (16 for the Sat / Sun lifts & 8 for the weekday lifts). Priority will be given on a first come first served basis.

4. On day of lift, boaters and passengers must follow guidance from Waterways Ireland staff about sequence of passage under bridge & through Lock 1, and must remain within signed and designated areas.

Patrick Harkin
Inspector of Navigation
19 Feb 2019


MARINE NOTICE No.15 of 2019

Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and users of the Royal Canal that due to unprecedented dry weather conditions and low rainfall levels and subsequent low levels in Lough Owel, we cannot guarantee navigation water levels on certain sections of the Royal Canal particularly the summit level and adjacent levels.

Masters should contact the local Water Patroller prior to any planned journey.

Waterways Ireland thanks it customers for their cooperation in this matter and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Patrick Harkin
Inspector of Navigation
Tel: 353 90 6494232
18 Feb 2019

Dáil Eireann – Answers to questions – Feb 21

Feb 21 2019 – Brendan Smith, Cavan-Monaghan – Capital Funding for Waterways Ireland 2019 €4,380,000

Feb 21 2019 – Bernard Durkin, Kildare – DCHG 2019 Funding Schemes

Feb 21 2019 – Brendan Smith, Cavan-Monaghan – What was Waterways Ireland Funding and Projects for 2018.  Core/Current was €20,526,000, Capital €5,180,000 from DCHG

Green = Canals, Blue = Barrow

Waterways Ireland Capital Projects 2018
Plant & Machinery 1,605,934
Ulster Canal 1,133,846
Rooskey Works Depot 598,492
Royal Canal Completion Commis 365,118
Lock Gate Replacem’t Progr 253,403
Victoria Lock Gate Replacement 191,560
Cloydagh Bank Repair & Drdging 186,300
Jetty Refurbishment 181,785
Culvert Insp & Commence Repair 178,822
Bank Strengthening at Blackshade 175,192
Bridge Repairs 166,635
Grand Canal Dock Works 166,116
Nth Shannon B’way Phase 3 TP 133,187
Auto Pedestrian Counter 119,971
Clarendon Lock Floating 119,342
Blundell Aq – 20th Lock – Bank St 119,122
IT Capital South 105,891
Balroe Bank Strengthening 102,260
Royal Cycleway Maynooth/Kilco 100,984
Borris Dredging 82,833
Rooskey Lock Gates 77,513
Bank Strength./Repair Lecarrow 72,648
Navigation Land Recover 72,622
Royal Canal Completion Commiss 67,986
20th Lockhouse Ballyteigue 67,464
Sh-Erne Blueway Balyconnell/Be 65,601
Milford Sluice Safe Gangway 65,555
Royal Canal Cycle Ferns L/Mull 65,144
Albert Lock gates prep work for 64,951
Specialist Inspections 61,631
Leakage Repairs Lvl 13 GC 60,692
Barrowline Dredging 60,333
Darcy’s Bridge Dredging 54,896
Blackshade Bridge 52,842
Limerick prep for Dredging in 2 50,399
Ballina Quay Landing Jetty 50,054
Killaloe Canal Wall Walkway 49,791
Barrow Way Towpath Dev 45,082
Athlone Lock gates Inv & Rep 44,287
City Block 19 40,841
Lock C1-C3 Path Upgrades 33,539
Tarmonbarry Weir Reinstatement 30,000
Charlotte Quay 27,024
Areas of Tranquility 26,117
Meelick Weir/Sluice Cond survey 24,106
Mullingar Blueway Development 23,176
IT & Asset Mgmt System South 20,826
Barrow Weir Studies 20,295
Grouting 12th Lock Grand 19,420
Clondra Amenity 19,378
Longford Cycleway 17,963
SE Blueway Lock 16 to Kilclare 15,098
Development Mullingar Hub 14,324
Lock 14 Grouting 13,616
Improv’ Grand Canal Dock 13,560
Portumna Development Project 13,240
Castlesaunderson New Mooring 12,385
Lough Owel Sluice House Dev 11,082
Lough Allen 8,567
Rooskey Floating Moorings 8,127
Dredging 7,946
Blakestown Lockhouse 7,626
Albert Lockhouse 6,925
Automation Poolboy Lock 5,559
Aghalane-Lock 1 Corraquill Trail 5,368
Battlebridge Lockhouse Capital 5,166
Youngs Store Tullamore 5,166
Fenniscourt Lockhouse 5,166
Slyguff Lockhouse 5,166
Shannon Blueway Carrick/Boyle 5,162
Sallins Houseboat Facility 4,935
Banagher prep for Dredging in 2 4,619
Red Bridge Moorings 4,428
Bagenalstown Retaining Wall 4,397
Portumna Blueway Castle Hbr 3,907
Bank & Weir Upgrades 3,888
Pumpout/Water Svcs Canal Netw 3,838
Victoria Lock House 3,383
Repair Wing Wall Lock 18 GC 2,755
Rathvinden Wall replacement 2,661
Clashganny Lockhouse Develop 2,589
Dredging 2,589
Visitor Centr Roof Repairs/Rental 2,463
Property Registration Legal Fees 1,672
Limerick Navigation 1,565
GreenWIN 1,378
Ballinea Harbour North Bank 1,348
Towpath Enhancement 1,348
Spencer Harbour Landbridge 1,124
Infrastructure Upgrade 935
Upgrade pumps Spencer Docks 795
Inner Lakes Canoe Trail 615
Northern Signage 430
Shannon Blueway Carrick/Drums 298
Ballyleague Angling Facilities 265
Canoe Trail Feasability Study 262
Athlone Railway Jetties 256
Lockhouse refurb EGR 130
Lough Derg Canoe Trail 98
Thomastown Retaining Wall 73
Shannonbridge New Moorings 42
Moorings at  Ballinasloe 24
Total Spend net 3rd party funding 7,767,325
DCHG Sponsor Department fund 5,180,000
WI use of Reserves 2,587,325
Total 7,767,325

Disposal of 20 Vessels taken from waterways – WI – Feb 20

Waterways Ireland will be disposing of vessels removed from Shannon Harbour, Tullamore, the Barrow Navigation, Killaloe Canal and Shannonbridge.

Twelve vessels are presently stored on the South Bank of the Grand Canal adjacent to the Transit Shed in Shannon Harbour. One vessel is stored in Fenniscourt on the Barrow Navigation and other vessels are stored in Ballyleague and Munster Harbour, Portumna.

All vessels may be inspected (externally only) by local arrangement. Tender and relevant documentation is available from the Assistant Inspector of Navigation at +353 87 286 5726 or 

Sealed tenders should reach the Assistant Inspector of Navigation at the above address not later than noon on Monday 18 March.

A condition of sale is that vessels be removed from the canal property once purchased. Removal details will be notified to successful purchasers once transactions are finalised.

Vessels in Ballyleague and Munster Harbour

WI Permits on-line registration and payment – Feb 14

Waterways Ireland now has an on-line method of registering and paying for your CMP or EMP for the Grand Canal, Royal Canal and Barrow Navigation.  

All permits will run until the 31st October 2019 whereupon they will move to annual renewal from the 1st November each year. A copy of the boat insurance (3rd party minimum) and a photo of the vessel will be needed in order to complete the application.  Applicants can decide to print their own permit or have a hard copy posted out to their declared address. Submitted applications will receive an acknowledgement email and once approved an online link will be emailed to facilitate payment. 

Questions regarding the application process can be forwarded to the Inspectorate at or by phone to 09064 35690 (9am-12pm).    Waterways Ireland News

Dáil Eireann – Answers to questions on Canals – Jan Feb

There were several written questions to the Minister over the past couple of months.   

Feb 12 2019 – Brian Stanley, Laois – clearing in the Grand Canal through Offaly

Feb 12 2019 – Brian Stanley, Laois – funding spent by Waterways Ireland on canal clearing ensuring navigation is retained effectively each year for the past five years; and the parts of the canal navigation system on which it was spent.

The funding spent by Waterways Ireland on canal clearing ensuring navigation is retained effectively each year for the past five years; and the parts of the canal navigation system on which it was spent is shown in the Table below:
Navigation 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Total
Barrow Navigation €14,508 €11,572 €33,495 €24,893 €155,357 €239,825
Grand Barrow Navigation €135,206 €162,541 €84,957 €181,344 €144,339 €708,387
Grand Rural Navigation €137,002 €201,009 €180,280 €251,438 €249,722 €1,019,451
Grand Urban Navigation €153,323 €189,398 €142,248 €128,781 €139,968 €753,718
Royal Rural Navigation €195,463 €133,223 €141,086 €211,167 €194,621 €875,560
Royal Urban Navigation €125,603 €84,221 €70,317 €59,687 €61,633 €401,461
Grand Total €761,105 €781,964 €652,383 €857,310 €945,640 €3,998,402

Feb 12 2019 – Brian Stanley, Laois – the number of times WI conducted clearing in Offaly over the past five years

Jan 16 2019 – Brendan Smith, Cavan-Monaghan – will additional funding be provided to WI in 2019

Jan 16 2019 – Joan Burton, Dublin West – level of funding provided to WI in each of the years 2016 to 2018

Funding to Waterways Ireland – 2016 to 2018

  Current Capital Total
2016 €20,699,000 €5,868,000 €26,567,000
2017 €20,359,000 €5,446,000 €25,805,000
2018 €20,526,000 €5,180,000 €25,706,000

The Estimates for 2019 provide for an allocation of €25,117,000 for Waterways Ireland, made up of €20,737,000 in Current funding and €4,380,000 in Capital funding. This is an overall increase of €1,000,000 on the 2018 allocation.

Capital funding has been increased by €800,000 from €3,580,000 in 2018 to €4,380,000 in 2019

The level of funding allocated for the maintenance and upgrade of waterways, canals and rivers in County Dublin in each of the years 2016 to 2018 and proposed for 2019 is shown in the following table:

  2016 2017 2018

2019 Forecast*

WI 904,696 1,231,490 1,158,136 3,153,665

Jan 16 2019, Bernard Durkan, Kildare North – liaise with Waterways Ireland in order to address outstanding issues arising in respect of canal property and local interests

Jan 15 2019, Fiona O’Loughlin, Kildare South – expects to achieve an amicable resolution of issues between Waterways Ireland and traditional dwellers and recreational users of the Grand Canal, County Kildare

Jan 19 2019, Robert Troy, Longford-Westmeath – DTTAS funding provided in 2018 for building Cycleways and Greenways by county

Kildare County Council drew down a total of €1,130,843 

Meath County Council had a drawdown of €111,000

Waterways Ireland Presentation – Nov 8 2018

Minutes of presentation to Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, by Waterways Ireland CEO

Nov 8 2018, Presentation by CEO Waterways Ireland to Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement

Nov 8 2018, Minutes of discussion that followed


Tranquil Navigations Conference – Mar 2

Inland Navigations of Ireland Historical Society

One Day Conference

 Saturday, March 2, 2019

Hugh Lynch’s Function Room



Tranquil Navigations

– An Initiative


Speakers from

The Inland Waterways Association of Ireland

The Heritage Boat Association

University of Limerick

Waterways Ireland


Admission: €15

Breaks: Tea / Coffee Included

Lunch: Soup and sandwiches included

HBA: Merchandise for sale

IWAI: Merchandise for sale

Authors: Books for sale


Members – Dates for your Diary – Feb to May

Mar 2 19:00 – Kildare Social at Lock 13

Mar 4 20:00 – Branch Meeting at Lock 13 in Sallins

Mar 24 14:00 – Kildare Workshop at Confey

Apr 1 20:00 – Branch Meeting at Lock 13 in Sallins

Apr 19 to 22 – Edenderry Rally with Offaly IWAI

May 3 to 25 – Dublin IWAI Rally 2019

May 6 20:00 – Branch Meeting at Lock 13 in Sallins

May 11 11:00 – IWAI AGM at Osprey Hotel, Naas   

Keep up to date on our activities.