Boatowner proscecuted

Posted: 04/06/2019 by Waterways Ireland

Boat Owner Prosecuted for Contravention of Shannon Navigation Bye-Laws

​Waterways Ireland has secured the conviction of a boat owner under the Shannon Navigation Act, 1990 at Strokestown District Court on the 22 May, 2019. The prosecution arose out of a collision between a speedboat and a barge that occurred on the Shannon Navigation on the 29 September, 2018 in the Townland of Derreen, Kilglass, Co. Roscommon.

The circumstances of the collision involved an 8 year boy being permitted to  steer a speedboat by his father. As the speedboat proceeded around a corner on the Kilglass river on the Shannon Navigation, it collided with a 45 foot steel barge proceeding in the opposite direction. The impact of the collision resulted in the speedboat sustaining significant damage and sinking along the side of the river. The boy and his father were rescued from the sinking speedboat by the master of the barge.

Waterways Ireland investigated the incident and initiated a prosecution under Section 3(7) of the Shannon Navigation Act, 1990 for breach of Bye-Law 12 (1) of the Shannon Navigation Bye-Laws, 1992 alleging that the boat owner being the master of the speedboat on the date failed to keep or arrange to keep a proper lookout and to navigate the vessel with care and caution and with reasonable consideration for others having due regard to the circumstances of weather, visibility, flood and other traffic.

On Wednesday, the 22nd May, 2019, Strokestown District Court heard evidence from the master of the barge and from the Inspector of Navigation with Waterways Ireland regarding the collision and subsequent investigation.

The owner of the speedboat admitted the charge of breaching Bye-Law 12(1) of the Shannon Navigation Bye Laws, 1992 and was convicted of an offence under Section 3(5) of the Shannon Navigation Act, 1990 receiving a fine of €250.00 and costs of €3,000.00.