Our opportunity to influence the future of the Naas and Corbally Branches of the Grand Canal

To add your comments to the Draft Naas Local Area Plan 2021 to 2027  select +MAKE A SUBMISSION.  The LAP reports are listed under Materials, deadline for submissions is Wednesday April 21 2021 at 1600 hrs

This Naas LAP sets out a planning vision that includes some interesting proposals pertinent to boaters.  Included is a masterplan for the new Canal Quarter in Naas, new visitor and liveaboard moorings in Naas, support for a Greenway from Sallins to Corbally Harbour, and a proposal to ‘examine the feasibility of realigning/raising the Newbridge Road (R445) at Jigginstown, to be of a sufficient height so as not to hinder the future passage of boats and barges.’

The plans for the canal provide multi-purpose solutions and the delivery of infrastructure services in partnership with other bodies, including Kildare County Council and Waterways Ireland. 

When implemented, it will provide healthy and safe outdoor recreation for locals and visitors of all ages and abilities.  It will also give access to those who appreciate both the natural and built heritage of this area, and provide a first-class tourist destination for boaters, cyclists and walkers who chose to visit Kildare for a weekend or a longer stay. 

The Naas Architectural and Conservation Area report included, states the ‘largest historic infrastructural feature near the town centre is the Grand Canal to the west, this is a spur off the larger Grand Canal, which runs through Sallins to the north. The canal spur has a small harbour in Naas and it continues on to connect with Corbally Harbour some 8.5km to the southwest’

    Barges gathered at R445 Newbridge Road Corbally Branch