At their AGM in 1984, the founders outlined their aims that included improving facilities in Lowtown and Robertstown, opening the Milltown Feeder to navigation and assisting Dublin IWAI and the OPW with the restoration of the Naas Branch of the Grand Canal. The campaign continues today for the removal of the culvert blocking the Corbally/Herbertstown Branch in Kildare.

One of our main aims is to oppose by appropriate action

  • the abandonment or neglect of Kildare canals
  • the pollution of our canals, the obstruction of canals by fixed bridges, aqueducts, overhead cables or otherwise
  • the obstruction of towing paths, or any other action calculated to injure or destroy the navigation or amenities of the canals in Kildare

Working with our IWAI canal neighbours, we are striving to safeguard the future of the Grand Canal, the Royal Canal and the Barrow Navigation through Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Meath, Offaly and Westmeath, by

  • the introduction of fair Byelaws for all users
  • encouraging rural and recreational activities and businesses along the waterways
  • highlighting areas of neglect along the canals and promoting more on-going maintenance
  • actively engaging with communities during events and when cruising in company

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