Canal Bye-laws – Royal Canal – Dáil questions – Mar 11

Maureen O’Sullivan TD posed some pointed questions to Minister Humphreys recently, after making the acquaintance of some boaters along the Royal Canal.

The full transcript is on Kildare Street Mar 2015 but here are some excerpts from Deputy O’Sullivan’s submissions:

“I understand that Waterways Ireland currently has no proposals to install additional moorings between Spencer Dock and Cross Guns Bridge due to the lack of uptake to date at the other locations available for extended mooring on the Royal Canal.”

“……. potential for tourism and living on the canals.”

“It was very interesting to meet boat owners. A couple I met can bring their boat from Belturbet along the River Shannon and the Royal Canal into Dublin. They go through Phibsborough via Cross Guns Bridge and into the basin, and they can go back around by the Grand Canal.”

“Waterways Ireland …… seems it is talking to everybody except those who are actually using the canals. It is missing out on vast potential for the boat owners who use the canal. I want to see the canals being used much more.”

“There is also an issue about the extended mooring permits. ……it appears there is an issue ……..If they are for 12 months, the boat will stay in the one place, whereas if they were for shorter periods and the boats had to move, it would create more activity.”