Celebrating 2020 with a Big Cruise

Together, all of the Canal Branches are creating a joint Cruise in Company in 2020. 

It has been ten years since the re-opening of the Royal Canal, ten years since the initiation of the Green & Silver route, twenty years since Waterways Ireland took on responsibility for the waterways and sixty years since the last cargo of Guinness travelled by boat from Dublin. 

Whether you would like to participate in all the planned events during the year from Athy to Dublin, Dublin to Richmond Harbour, Richmond Harbour to Shannon Harbour, Shannon Harbour to Lowtown/Robertstown or you would just like to take in one or two events along the way, it promises to be huge fun.  With our colleagues in local communities and Waterways Ireland, we are creating enjoyable and interesting sojourns at each location. 

Boating in company is most enjoyable and we get to meet new people all over the country. There is also assistance when in company, for example if something goes wrong with the boat, there are those around who have probably experienced the same thing and can help.  We help each other in getting back to base by either cycling in company or arranging carhops.    

For those joining in with the 2020 BC, there will be a cruise pack and a flag.  Further information will be in the next IWN.  Watch our Calendar section, starting in February 2020, we will show the events.