Covid-19 - IWAI Guidance​​ ​​ 3​​ September​​ 2021

We continue to advise all members to heed the advice from the relevant authorities and to follow the public health guidance as determined by the governments​​ in both jurisdictions

In Northern Ireland the information can be found at​​​​ 

In the Republic of Ireland​​ up to date information and advice​​ is available​​ at​​​​ 

The latest​​ advice​​ is​​ that public health management of COVID-19 in Ireland​​ moves​​ from a focus on regulation and population wide restrictions to a focus on advice,​​ personal judgement and personal protective behaviours.​​ 

Within this framework we are confident that most IWAI activities can now resume, taking care always to follow the current public health advice and level of restrictions in place.​​ 

Festival insurance​​ cover has been suspended for this year meaning that large Rallies or other similar gatherings should not take place. This will be reviewed before the beginning of the 2022 Rally season subject to the public health advice in force at that time.

Continue to pay particular attention to correct hand hygiene, cleaning of surfaces, cough/sneeze etiquette and physical distancing (social distancing) – keeping 2m between yourself and anyone not living in the same house / flat / boat as you.​​ Wear a mask​​ indoors as required, and outdoors if in a crowded location.

Organisers should provide hand sanitiser at appropriate locations where members are gathering, if possible. If members are not comfortable with a particular situation, they should raise their concerns​​ with the organisers at the time and leave.

If you are feeling unwell, with a fever and/or cough,​​ self-isolate in one room of your home if possible​​ and phone your GP.​​ 

Executive will update this guidance as the situation develops but it is essential that members keep themselves informed using the information at the links above.