Two miles an hour – A magical journey along the Grand Canal in County Offaly on board GCC 68M, narrated by writer Eugene O’Brien, with skipper Gerry Burke, boatman Andy Maloney, songwriter Wayne Brennan, artist Veronica Nicholson and various guests encountered along the way.  A Grand Experience, an Offaly County Council Arts and Culture and Mixed Bag Media production. 

Roots in these Lands, a song written by Wayne Brennan while journeying through Offaly on the Grand Canal in March 2013


On board John Connon’s the Rambler along the Royal Canal, a heroic journey from Dublin to the River Shannon in 2011, shortly after the Royal Canal was re-opened for navigation.  The series is narrated by Dick Warren and is available on DVD from the IWAI Shop .

Since this series was filmed, over 300 boats have completed or are in the process of completing their Green and Silver route along the Grand, Liffey, Royal and Shannon.