WI lifted boats in Lowtown – Oct 17

On Saturday, Oct 17, Waterways Ireland (WI) removed vessels in Lowtown, Kildare.  On site were two cranes to lift up to seventeen boats from this location. 

WI Marine Notice No 81 of Sep 9, states removals to take place in Sallins, Lowtown, Robertstown, Hazelhatch and environs.  Those being lifted are deemed to be contravening the following:

a. Vessels with no permit, Bye Law 6(8)
b. Vessels non-attended and apparently abandoned, Bye Law 6(8)
c. Vessels doubled moored and causing obstruction (sunk), Bye Law 27 (3)
d. Vessels deemed to be / likely to cause a hazard to navigation, Bye Law 33(3)

Boats have also been removed from Vicarstown and Sallins. 

                      Lifting boats in Lowtown Oct 17 © Erin Fornoff