WI lifting boats on Royal Canal – Nov 19

Vessels are being lifted from the Royal Canal.  Waterways Ireland issued Marine Notice No 94 of 2020, on Oct 14 2020. 

Removal of vessels, Canal Act 1986 (Bye-Laws) 1988
Waterways Ireland wishes to advise masters and owners of vessels that:
a. Vessels with no permit, Bye Law 6(8)
b. Vessels non-attended and apparently abandoned, Bye Law 6(8)
c. Vessels doubled moored and causing obstruction (sunk) , Bye Law 27 (3)
d. Vessels deemed to be / likely to cause a hazard to navigation, Bye 33(3),
will be removed from the Royal Canal on Monday 9nd November 2020 or shortly thereafter as operationally convenient. Removed vessels may then be subsequently disposed of in accordance with Bye Law 34(2). 

This shows a boat lifted this morning, Nov 19, east of Kilcock.