Liffey Run March 2011

Liffey Run March 2011.

A branck meeting Was held in the Poolbeg Sail club in Dublin after which we launched  10 boat and headed up river as Far as Island-bridge

On the return trip we stopped of  at grand cananl Dock for a bite to eat and coffees, before heading out as far a the second green cardinal marker in Dublin Bay,

The  sea was get lumpy  and it was decided to return to Poolbeg and all boat were recovered safely a great few hours on the water.

Inaugural meeting of the Powerboat Branch

Last night’s inaugural meeting of the Powerboat Branch was quite a success with new and existing members travelling from all over Ireland .About 25 people attended ,the question of dual membership came up again and I have promised to progress this at the next Executive ,it is good to see that people are supportive of a new Branch and yet loyal to their existing one . The start up committee consist of Cormac Smith , Chairman , Hugo Green, Hon Treasurer, Paul Garland , Hon Sec  Fergal Butler .Brian Thornton . Lorna Shanley & Niall O Flaherty all offered assistance and at the first branch meeting tasks will be allocated . The Calendar of events is 90% in place and will be issued in the next few days it is only awaiting venue confirmation . It was a very positive meeting with the usual one or two dissenters one in fact telling us the people of Dromod did not want us ,this was somewhat refuted by the hospitality shown to us on the night by the aforementioned people . We will set up a Bank Account in the coming weeks and hold the first Branch meeting in Febuary

Regards Paul Garland   ( Hon Sec Powerboat Branch )

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Shannon River Run 2011

Date: 22nd April 2011 – Monday 2nd May 2011

Location: Dromod (first weekend), Athlone or Dromineer (second weekend)

Organised by:
Inland Waterways Association of Ireland – Powerboat Branch

The draft plan overview is as follows but not limited to the following.
Have 2 locations to hold the weekend events from that can provide access to:

  • Easy river access (slip ways).
  • Safe and Secure Parking.
  • A choice of food & accommodation to cater for all budgets including camping and campers.
  • A Location to provide viewing of an on-the-water parade of classic and not so classic boats that will be of interest to participants and general public.
  • Local area advertising to attract the general public.
  • Areas of open water to allow exploration.
  • Planned river trips to points of interest.
  • On and off water competitions e.g. Boat handling & Pub Quiz etc.
  • Location for daytime BBQ trip with shelter.

The 2 areas are Dromod (north Shannon) and either Athlone (Lough Ree) or Dromineer (Lough Derg) as they have most if not all the criteria that are needed

Dear Powerboaters,

After several months of discussion and planning, we can now announce the high level plans for the 2011 Powerboat Rally of Ireland. It began with much interest from our friends across the water in the CMBA (Classic Motor Boat Association, UK – http://www.cmba-uk.com/) who have always loved the idea of visiting Ireland for a fresh water rally.
With thanks to user Coreibh, the initial discussion soon gathered pace into the IWAI, and we can now announce that this event will be going ahead with the support of the IWAI, CMBA and CPB (to name a few).

As part of the initial discussions, it has been decided to create a Powerboat branch of the IWAI with the approval of Paul Garland, President of the IWAI. Further details on this will be forthcoming soon, but it is hoped that we can put more formality around the numerous informal groups and meets that happen on our waterways through an Official group (as well as increasing the number of events).

At the rally, we anticipate a wide variety of attendees ranging from the CMBA (UK) classic powerboaters, to the Club Powerboat.ie and IWAI cruisers and powerboat owners (several are CMBA members also).
All are welcome, and we will ask you to watch this space for more details on registration and a timetable for events. Volunteers are always welcome to help with the event(s).

The rally will consist of 2 weekends on the Shannon waterway (based at Dromod and either Athlone or Dromineer) with details of other locations (e.g. Lough Corrib, Lough Erne) available as part of the event programme to enable attendees visit other sections of the waterways on the weekdays in between.

We hope that you will support this event and the new IWAI Powerboat* branch as it all evolves in the coming weeks. More details will be published as available with an initial meeting expected in the middle of January to kick off the new branch.