Our next event is the AGM which we will coincide with a weekend in Lough Allen on 22nd NOVEMBER

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Lough Allen Proves a hit again

Although we didn’t see any hot air balloons  – we were a week early . We did tour the lake in great condition , just enough chop and waves to make the spin interesting.

The get up a go was slow on the Saturday morning with some tied souls from the friday night briefing. The whole fleet bar one jet Ski that lost drive made it to the top of the River approx.. 4 mile from the end of navigation’s signs . This is a most beautiful piece of waterway  and a highly recommended trip,  even we enjoyed it a displacement speeds.

Off to Spencer Harbour for a sunny afternoon leisurely picnic and a competitive game of boules  when we had enough resting under our belt we headed back to the  Lough Allen resource center for the breifing and the planning started in ernest for the Sunday spin.

It was decided to take a trip down the canal and recover the boats in Cootehall and the plan was put in motion . So we all settled in for a great meal provided by Ciaran Morgan and his band of helpers. They cooked up a storm and no one was left hungry- I do believe we even had some apple crumble left over .

The morning started with trailers being  moved and ready for the recovery in Cootehall. The breakfast rolls were  prepared and distributed to all before we set off on our trip down the canal .

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