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CorribCharts “CorribCharts” is a digital chart of Lough Corrib which was launched on 15th February 2010. Its creation has been undertaken as a project by two avid users of the lake, Trevor and Niall. The project started back as early as 2007 when the two men started collecting their own data. It was by luck in 2009 that the two were introduced and realised that by using each set of data, quite an impressive mapping project could come together. For more information on how download the charts free,to make a donation or purchase paper charts please click on the link to the left
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Inland Fisheries Ireland

Invasive species

Non-native invasives are species that have been introduced, generally by human intervention, outside their natural range and whose establishment and spread can threaten native ecosystems.

The number of non-native freshwater species recorded in Irish watercourses increased significantly in the 20th century. However, not all non-native species are invasive and current problems are caused by only a small percentage of those species that have been introduced. The presence of a truly invasive species is evidenced by a demonstrable adverse impact on native communities or habitats.

Many of the most problematic species present in Ireland today were introduced in the last 20 years and some as recently as 2005. The rate of species introductions is accelerating because of increased international travel and trade.

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