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A selection of books, mainly published by the RYA, of interest to boat owners and users.

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    Learn how to be a safe and useful crew on board river and canal boats including lock handling, mooring, steering and life on board. there are also plenty of amazing facts and things to do to help 7-12 year olds get the most from an inland cruise
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    RYA - Day Skipper Handbook - Motor. RYA Code G97. By Jon Mendez. 2017 Version. The official RYA book for anyone taking or considering taking the RYA Day Skipper Certificate.  Written by one of motor cruising's most respected experts.  Beautifully illustrated, with informative text and an expert's instruction the RYA Day Skipper Handbook for Motor covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the RYA Day Skipper Certificate syllabus.  The book introduces you to pilotage, navigation, boatwork and boat handling and all you need to know to take a small boat on a coastal passage safely. 245 x 170 x 8mm  Full colour, paperback, 91 pages.
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    RYA Handy Guide to CEVNI.  RYA Code G106. 2016 Edition. If you are going cruising on the inland waterways of Europ then it is essential that you understand what you may see and hear while there.  This new book is designed to provide a quick reference guide to the lights, shapes, sounds and signs you may encounter.  It also gives useful information on how CEVNI (Code Europeen des Vois de Navagation Interieure) is a category of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC)., why you should take the CEVNI test and how you can do it and where the CEVNI rules apply. 210 a 148 x 4mm. 48 pages.  Full colour. Paperback.  
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    This simple little book contains all the really useful knots any boating person needs to know. The selection of a knots involved a long process of contacting lots of people and finding out what knots they actually used on their boats. The original idea was to have the top ten but the research showed that there are really only eight knots regularly used by most sailors. So that's whats in this little book. Pocket sized ( 110x 150mm) and waterproof.
  • RYA Powerboat Handbook 3rd Edition (2016)by Paul Glatzel. Power boating is a fun, fast, and exhilarating sport. the number of powerboats on the water is increasing and the need for good skills has never been more important. Becoming a capable and safe power boater comes from a mixture of training, experience and common sense. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced power boater the RYA Powerboat Handbook will help you acquire both the skills and confidence to get the most from this exciting sport. 158pages, Paperback, 245 x 170mm x 11mm
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    By Graham Moody. Whether its motor or sail boats, racing or cruising, the RYA Boat Buyers Handbook is written to assist anyone who has the difficult task of purchasing a vessel, especially if its for the first time. Author Graham Moody, a highly experienced boat builder and sailor, has an unrivaled amount of knowledge on buying boats, and this book is far more than just a guide to completing the transaction. The book takes you step by step through the complex process, starting with helping you to decide what sort of boat is most suitable for you. It aids you further with expert advice on considerations such as build materials, equipment and inspecting. The all-important financial aspects are not neglected either through tips on budgeting and making an offer based on a fair price. Written in an accessible fashion, the RYA Boat Buyers Handbook is a vital purchase for anyone looking to get on the water in their own boat. Paperback, 68 Pages, 245 x 170mm
  • A guide to CEVNI. The CEVNI (Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure) is the Code governing navigation on all interconnected European inland waterways. This is a clear and concise guide to the CEVNI system and is a required read if you are considering doing the inland version of the ICC certificate.
  • Written for Leisure Boat Owners. Easy to follow text and beautifully detailed colour illustrations enable the reader to develop the knowledge and confidence required by and diesel engine boat owner The CD-ROM included gives expert instruction and top tips from Nick Ealey of Seastart. This book cover the information required for the RYA one-day Diesel Engine course Paperback, 96 pages, 245 x 170mm
  • By Andrew Newman. Designed to accompany the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsmans Course, this handbook will help you learn the basic skills needed to navigate safely on inland waterways. Useful to keep aboard as a handy reeference. Written for UK waterways but very useful on Irish waterways too. Paperback, 90 pages, 245 x 170mm
  • by Gordon Perry & Steve Judkins. Although written and illustrated specifically with the boating fraternity in mind, the book's content is applicable to a much wider readership. Structured to guide everyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned sailor step by step through simple knots on to the advanced knotting skills needed to make a Turk's Head and Star Knot. Watch out for the "Bosun", he has many a worthwhile tip to help you on your way. Paperback, 236 pages, 245 x 170mm
  • By Tim Bartlett. Ask any group of students attending a VHF Radio Course why they want to learn to use a VHF radio, and the overwhelming majority are likely to reply "safety". Probe a little deeper, and most of them will probably say that they want it mainly to be able to call for help. An addition to the best selling RYA Handbook series, RYA VHF Handbook is essential reading for taking the VHF Operators Short Range Certificate examination. The combination of easy to follow text, expert tips and beautiful colour illustrations ensure that this often daunting subject is made simple and enjoyable. Paperback 140 pages, 245 x 170mm
  • The complete (UK) Marine VHF Radio Syllabus explained. This book is essential background reading for anyone taking a VHF Radio Course. It covers all radio procedures from routine calls to urgency and distress and includes an explanation of the new GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) requirements.
  • The RYA Personal Watercraft Handbook comprehensively covers the entire process of learning how to use these exciting craft. It includes all the information you'll need to pass the RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course and the RYA Introduction to personal Watercraft Safety Course as well as how to look after yourself, your crew and your craft. This edition includes new photographic sections, full colour illustrations and a logbook for recording your activities. 170x210x5mm 78pages, softcover.


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